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A WIP screeny! For the life of me I can't figure out how to make the start menu gradient smooth. Anyone know?

Comments and suggestions welcomed!
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very nice explorerframe!
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Thanks, credit goes to Miretank.
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Fix for startmenu is simple: instead of using a small image that stretch for gradient use a big image that doesn't need to be stretched anymore ;)
If you still cant get it to work send me the placelist, logoff, openbox, jumplist images and I will send fixed images with proper margins in name back.

If you don't now about it: You don't have to use original sized images in the VS so long you understand how sizingmargins work!
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Wow man that looks fabilous.
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Thanks man! :)
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still using those navi buttons huh ? ^^!
anw,i saw that the bottom frame got the wrong sizingmargins though
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Yepp, what can I say, when I found out about them I was hooked! Since Vista!:woohoo: [link]

Thanks for pointing that out, I just noticed it!
oh, you again, excellent again!
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Oh, why thank you! ;)
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i've been waiting eagerly to see what you came up with next, and i like it :thumbsup:
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Ha ha, me too! Thanks a lot Chris!! :)
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The start Menu's Aero for Windows 7 is very flawed. Great looking VS though.
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Tis very true, thanks a lot!
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Perfect work. Try to make a skin with a completely transparent superbar. ;)
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Thanks a bunch! I'll look into it! ;)
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Thanks a lot!! :)
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wow, excellent gradient for the frame :)
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it looks very nice :clap:
for the gradient in the start menu,maybe something with content margins and defaultpanesize values =)
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*sizingmergins ^^;
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Ha ha, thank you Yacine!
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