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Vista Xp Aero

Vista Xp Aero

Here's another tribute to a similar looking theme for XP

Works only with Windows Vista.

I can't provide a link to the Xp version but with enough searching (cough, cough, google) I'm sure you can find it.

To enable this theme you must use Tuneup utilities that supports visual styles (worked great for me),
or patch your uxtheme files using vista glazz by codegazer (didn't work for me).

I recommend using Style selector simply because it works, and because you don't have to patch any system files or any files for that matter.

(Style Selector is a free 200 Kilobyte portable application that runs on 32-bit editions of Windows Vista.)

Style selector Download:

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i don't patch anything everytime i do it gives my pc virus! bad virus! glad i have a good virus protection
Can you change the text in the start button?

Because I live in Finland so I'd like to change it to ' Käynnistä ' which is start in Finnish.

Nice theme though :P
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Thanks, I'll try to work on it.
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:confused: Oh! people seems very wellcome with theyr comments! (irony :XD:)

Very good theme ^^ I like it
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Thanks alot! Nice avatar!
hey where did you get that wallpaper?
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It's a vista wallpaper. You should be able to find it in your windows wallpapers.
why when i apply the theme says "have not been able to apply visual styles" my vista is in spanish cuz iam from mexico traducing to spanish says "No se han podido aplicar los estilos visuales" if u can help me please?
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What are you using to apply the theme?
Spanish: Que estas usando para aplicar el estilo visual?
hm i go to the propieties of my desktop and click on the themes i click on ur theme and apply and says that, i alredy patch my uxtheme.dll
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Hmm, so you have it patched already? If you have tuneup utilites you should be able to apply with no problems. Are you running x64 bit or x32 bit? Vista?
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I can't find the originality in this...
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It's more of a port than an original.
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So its a port of a port, of a vista theme for xp...for vista :/
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I think you're confused. It was originally a visual style made for windows Xp prior to Vista's release.
I really like this theme for Xp and couldn't find a Vista version so I decided to convert it. Make sense?
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I wasn't confused.
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Ok good, glad it all works out. ;)
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Ok sounds cool thanks for the tip.
*borat accent* "How do you make this magical topshell?"
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Nope, never really considered it. It's kinda awkward for me to have shell on top. Do you think that would be appropriate to include?
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no, cause poeple who put your style can find a topshell on DA!! But in the past i not really like a topshell, but now yes!! It's better to see information and more estetic!!
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did you tried with a topshell?
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Once again...


Windows Vista Visual styles is a category for Visual styles made for WINDOWS VISTA, not XP visual styles to mimic Vista's UI.
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