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Lucid for Win 7 Beta

Hi all, this is my first Windows 7 VS, and I hope my last, damn 7 is a pain to skin!

This is just a beta to work out any kinks, bugs or prefrences before I post the final. x32 only (Unless someone wants to help me convert.)

The finished product will have some more surprises for you all to enjoy.

Big thanks to: [link]

Windows7 Help section. Many a new things were learned from there, you guys rock it out!

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thx very much, look absolutly nice. well done 
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how can i download this?? sorry for being noob

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how did you do the transparency in the start menu?
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thx, very nice and clean
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where do you get the start button a link?
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Sure, here you go>[link]
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i have an idea man....for that custom start button.

how about make one so that it starts off white when untouched but when you click or hover over it it gets the windows colours (parts from the other icon with colour you had).
What you think? Will there be a smooth transition?
Awesome, clear and slight skin! A little buggy, but you said it's beta anyway, so great job^^ Another Bug: The Aero Jump List is not always transparent, sometimes it's just black. Looking forward to seeing this theme finished! Keep on creating!
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This is what I'm looking for!! :-) nice, clear and clean.
I'm working on it for my personal use...I remove on 971.png the default "glass effect" but now windows borders aren't clear as I want...any advice for this?



great job!!
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Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm actually working on an update right now and that problem has been fixed. Expect it to be released in the next few days, I just need to work on a presentation fort it =P

Thanks again!
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Great!!! Can you change the green progress bar into blue?
Awesome work so far, look forward to having the explorer.exe so I can have the whole look. Only thing is I wish I didn't read the comment about the rounded corners, I doubt I would have noticed them if I hadn't read that.

And it seems to work on 64 bit with no problems so far!
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There is bug with tray icon of input method,the icon's background is white but not transparent.
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chrislangle is right i agree with him. btw could you have a version where the path list in the explorer window like it normally is(white background box) since the white fog around the text.
Just setting the text as white looks better than putting the text as black and putting the white fog around it, looks less overcomplicated, the same with the text in the startmenu (compare shutdown button text to text above it.
show me the image number of add & search bar, i want to self-mod hehe, thank ^^
sorry about my stupid English ^^
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search should be 864 according to vsb and address should be 860
fix the search bar plz :D
Search bar should be clear like add bar ^^
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hey this is nice. Btw, your start button looks very similar to mine, Only with the glow effect being the difference. check here [link]
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Hmm nice button, here's the original theme I made on August 8th featuring my original button: [link]
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can u post the start button orb link?

thx mate
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I will soon. Keep your eyes open.
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