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Lucid for Win 7

All done!

Here is the finished (I hope) theme for windows 7. (x32) and (x64) compatible!!)

Made a lot of changes which I hope are to everyone's liking, this will probably be my last public release for a good while. I need more to time to focus on other things in life.
I hope you all enjoy!

Note: I included some new start buttons, and this VS features both user pic and none user pic options:[link]



Added some things I've been meaning to include for some time now and I finally got around to it!! :w00t:. I hope it is to everyone's liking and if you wanna see something added or taken away I'm always here to help.

Credit to: :iconkatz93: For explorer frame.dll. He did an excellent job converting it to 7 format. Thanks mate!

Alternate preview for you viewing pleasure: [link]

A big thanks everyone else who provided council and feed back! Namely:

:iconnotorious-grafix:,:iconchrislangle:,:iconrajtheeban95::iconusmc-h-sins:,:iconredmile:,:iconkillermole23:, :iconcaeszer:,:iconemey87:,

Thanks guys, you rock!

Wallpaper author here: :iconmpk:


UPDATES 9-2-11

I have updated the file arrangement and installation instructions for easier installation. Sorry it took sooooooo long Please re-download and enjoy.
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light nd oxm (y)
This is the best Theme for me Too. Can you make new for Windows10 Version ? 
win10 theme is "Really super ugly" ....= =
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Looks nice, and the white title text on Windows adds a neat touch, but it doesn't work in all applications (at which point the glare around the text that would normally make it easier to read fails too), which can make the application title text difficult to read at times.
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how to download this theme???
can some one say how to download this theme i alredy made an account but doesnt came download so can u ask mi
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it very nice. thank's
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This is the best Theme for me. I used Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. I would like that this Theme can run on Windows 8.1, if that's even possible.

Thank you in advance.
this is still my favourite theme for one big reason. It looks clean and simple and dosnt look clustered. Unlike some of the modern alienware type ones which look cool but are not practial and can become annoying 
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te felicito es uno de los mejores temas para windows 7= Good Nice! (>_<) uaaa!!=D
don't know why but my system sound doesn't work anymore after the installation ._.
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how can i download this one>?

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oh.. found it.. messy me! haha thanks!

how can i download this ? pls help me
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amazing design!!love it very much!!thanks very much!!
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thanks for themes
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works perfect mate thank you very much for this big great work.
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I like changing themes in win 7, I gives things a little lift. Cool work I am Downloading it now.
How to Download ?
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