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Lucid 2 Updated

Thanks to:

Webtrance: [link] For letting me use his awesome shellstyle and feedback. (Thank you very much!)

Bre3zy [link] for letting me use some of his resources. (Thanks a million bro!)

For feedback. Thank you!

Jasperxxx: [link]
For feedback. Thank you!

And all my other friends for their for the positive feedback!
Thanks everyone!!

SP1 and SP2 supported


-Improved start button animations
-Improved Square Aero Stream
-New theme with a different taskbar and windows 7 button added
-New animated shellstyle
-Improved start menu with or without square user pic
-New explorer.exe for added squareness
-New Wallpaper
-And more!
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can anyone help how to download this one?? thanks a bunch

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Can I put this theme in my website ?
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Can we get this ported to Windows 7? There are a lot of so-so Styles out for Se7en, but all the good Aero Styles are for Vista - which is to say, this is a good VS, and I want it!
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A wonderfully done style for Vista and its working flawlessly for me too.
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Dude, I love u so much! Thanx for the amazing theme!! Finally I found it. [link]
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Thanks bro! I'm glad you like it, how did you hear about it or why were looking for it?
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This theme has proven to use less resources , and it makes aero faster!

Can u plz make the orb bit bigger?? and plz remove Aero peek button , plz , this theme is not imitating seven right? So plz ...

Also plz lessen the number of reflections

I hope my suggestions will help u :)
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love the skin but how do i use the explorer?
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Thanks a lot! You have to back up your old explorer.exe in windows folder. To do this you must take ownership. (More info here>[link]) Then rename explorer.exe to explorer2.exe, then just drag and drop the other explorer into that folder, end explorer.exe in taskmanager, open file tab right above the taskmanager icon and "start new task" (run), type explorer.exe in the box and press enter. This will reset explorer and re-open it with the new features. Just thought I should mention I have 32bit Vista. If you have x64 send me the explorer.exe and I can fix it for you. Hope that's clear enough, if not send me a note and I can walk you through it.
Cheers! and thanks for downloading! :w00t:
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I love what you've donw with it. The only criticism I have is the change you amde to the White start bar, the new white borders break it up too much. Would love to see it back to the standard Lucid² style.

Other than that, frickin' great! :D
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Do i need VistaGlazz([link]) to apply this style? Or do i just place the folder inside the resources/themes folder?
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You will ned to patch your system files unless you have tuneup utilities or style selector. Hope that helps you.
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Remove or lighten shadows and this will become my favorite VS! Nice Job! :D
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Thanks a lot bro, glad you like it!! But what exactly do you mean by shadows?
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Awesome, best ever. We need it for Windows 7! :D
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I Thank you greatly! Soon!
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This theme looks very promising but I'm having some issues with it. First the explorer.exe that is supplied constantly crashes. So I can't use that, I'm guessing it's not for 64-bit Vista? Second the clock is overlapping the rectangle thing next to it a little. Third...I can only use the basic versions and get the aero affect. Besides all that it looks really great! Keep up the good work.
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Thank you very much! Will do!
If you would like to send me your explorer.exe (64bit) I would be happy to edit the resources and upload it. Could you provide a screen shot of your issues? That would really help me understand better.
Not sure I know what you mean by using the basic version you obtain the aero effect. :confused:
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Sorry, what I meant was using the version that has the Win7 orb or the User pic turns aero affects off for me. That happens with both the color and white versions, too.

At any rate, the theme is awesome. Not very many nice looking themes with squared corners out there imo.

I would also like to request a thin taskbar version. 24px would be awesome. I'll see about getting you a copy of my explorer. But I'm not sure I would be the best one to get it from because I've made modifications to mine.
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Oh yeah, my shell style appears different than the one in the screen shots, too, is there a reason for that? I much prefer the look of the one in the screen shots to the blue one that I've got now.
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Thanks for pointing that out, I was offline for a few days. I've been moving. All done! :dance:
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