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This is my 10th VS for the Devart community:w00t:

I've come a long way and learned many new things
thanks to all my good friends who've helped and supported me. I want to say thank you to all of
you who answered my n00b questions when I was learning all about themeing. :handshake:
You have all been a tremendous help!:#1:
To all of you who didn't help, may you burn in. (I kid)

Well I hope you
enjoy this theme it took me about eight hours to change all the functions, buttons, and get that darned clear address bar to work properly. I probably did it the hard and long way but it's here so I'm happy.


I'm going to go have a bbq for my b-day so I'll be back later with the changes list and all that .

List of changes and all that:

-Aero adress bar
-Miny start button
-Removed window border shadows
-Removed stream texture
-Micro Browseui.dll buttons
-Glow added to start menu
-A more compact start menu
-A bunch of goodies added in the download

Thanks to:

Killermole23: [link]

For figuring out transparency on Home basic editions of Windows Vista


For turning me on to animated shellstyles.

All the great Vista VS themers who work hard to make browsing vista a more pleasurable experience.

Um, ah yes! And everyone who commented and :+fav:'d my stuff! Thanks a lot people!

How to enable transparent firefox:[link]
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you are a genius, I've had a thing for shiny visual styles but yours just take the cake! Thanks!
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у меня эта тема стоит с того самого дня,как она появилась!я считаю её одной из лучших!хотелось бы увидеть её немножко изменённой,а именно тёмный фон,для использования Full Glass(представте меня на коленях и взывающего к вам, как к господу богу))))
Wow this is one awesome theme, it looks really nice. I have also styled my sidebar to a black and blueish color so it looks really cool now :D Thanks again
is it for windows 7
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There is a way to have user-pic visible in the boot menu on this great visual style? :aww:
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I would like that, but I applied a style hack to make it disappear and now I can't make it re-appear. (Doh!)

Do you know of anyway to disable that hack in VSB?
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not :confused:, in fact the first time a Visual Style encuantra without the user-pic, although he had heard of that trick, never go into it (because I do not attract attention) mmm seeketh and when you find something I notice ... :handshake:
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encounter, sorry jej (sorry for my bad English)
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Love your VSs ... this one tops Lucid; however, are you able to release a version without the white border along the taskbar? :star:
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Personally I think it looks better with the white line but you can see for yourself. Here's a download link:[link]

Cheers! And thanks a lot for the:+fav:!
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Feels like every window has the TOOLBAR extended window style attribute flag set...
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I'm not sure I get what you mean. :confused:
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When a window's "extended style" flag DWORD has the Toolbar style set, it makes the corners edgy, hence "toolbar".
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lovely start button. great!
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Thanks a lot!
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wow! excellent glass effect in the address bar of Windows Explorer! :clap: congratulations :w00t: :aww:
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Thanks bro! That was a real hard one for me to figure out. Glad you like it!
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Very impressive!!
Happy Birthday! :hug:
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Thank you so much! You're very sweet! :blowkiss:
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Love the Forward/Back buttons!
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Thanks, you can find them in the download or here>[link]
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no micro start button when taskbar is at the top of the screen :(
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