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Beta Blue WIP

A screen shot of a theme projected started July 5, 2010:[link]

Here is what it looks like now. Still waiting on permission from Live Vienna for some images Any ideas, or suggestions welcome.

Scroll bars and back forward buttons by: :iconsnipes2:

Start orb by: :iconap-graphik:
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What happened to you! I love your work!
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Awesome, ill wait for it...
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another teaser! tsk tsk tsk
What happened here again? Do we have a long wait for the release?
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Hopefully not too long. ;)
How do i get this theme? All i can download is a JPG file which is the same image as in here? Is there no theme, or is it just me who's to much of a noob?:)
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I'm waiting on a fellow themers permission for some resources. Hope its soon!!
thanks for your link. However, I would like to bother you one more time :) How to make address and search bar transparent? I mean address bar and search bar in explorer window
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release date????
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The beta will be released very soon. Just waiting on Live Vienna for some resources.
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what happened here?
I am on the way of learning Win7 Style Builder
How can I change the color background in context menu?
How to set address and search bar with transparent like your theme
Thank in advance
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Please share the wallpaper ^^
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Sent you a link.
Please also send me the link to the wallpaper.
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Thanks a lot! :)
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