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Cosmic Scars 1996

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The main piece from ZXica, 1996. Rough and raw, but unconventional for its time, which has made it a favourite of many over the years. Subject: human destiny amongst the stars (a common theme of mine). Takes a lot from the golden age SF style common on five cent paperbacks from the 50s and 60s. (In fact, I vaguely recall lifting parts of this from different covers and stitching them together with some original glue.) At the time this was a bit of a shock to the ANSI world, as it was one of the earlier examples of ANSI art for art's sake (i.e., not an advertisement) on such a scale...
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rodamnHobbyist Digital Artist
Wish I had stuck around to see this come out...! Coincidentally, my very first ANSI was a horrible attempt at a surreal landscape with a castle in the distance. Wish that had come out even a tenth as good as this is. Love everything about this piece from the colors to to subject to shapes and themes.
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God damn... I remember when this was released. I also remember that frog in a blender animation from your bbs. Thanks for sharing your work on here.
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Wow, you have an incredibly sharp memory...
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Looks like it took you forever to finish. Wonderful job.
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I can't comment on any of the ANSI elements in this piece, because I'm just not well-acquainted with the artform. However, if I'm just interpretting the compositional elements, I'm picking up heavily on an apocolypitc feel as represented by the horseman and slightly skullish face, and definitely in the color palette. To me, this speaks of impending doom and reverberations of memory.

Excellent piece.
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roy-sacHobbyist Digital Artist
IMO Your best (from the ones available at dA) . Cheers
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Thanks Roy :)
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pirosmaniramoneHobbyist Photographer
very good
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m1sfitProfessional Artist
very graf-like..i don't think i saw this when it came out (probably during one of my many scene blackouts) favorite part is the browns & yellows at the top, the bubbles..the colors..the popping..
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This is one of the best ANSI pieces I have ever seen. No lie.
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this is a classic =) be proud of it.
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agreed. :)
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I'm my own worst critic ;)
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diamondieProfessional Writer
Yep, it looks amazing, so many different elements that blend together perfectly. The eyes part is the best. I can't even imagine how good it would look if you remade it. Just the hands of that guy look somewhat odd, maybe it's just me.
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manseri Digital Artist

This is an absolutely fantastic piece of art. The blending from the horse to the skull is flawless and the overall composition is one of the best I've seen in an ANSI image. Very well deserved :+fav:

You should get a prints account, I want this and X-plant on a wall.
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