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got tagged by :iconpepelone: (sorry that i'm so late) and :iconvegapunk89:
(yay! i rarely get tagged *lol*)

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1) i reeeaaally love animals! especially dogs and reptiles. dogs are just so cute, cuddly and loyal (well in most cases). my family has 2 dogs and they are very contrariwise and funny. actually they are somewhat like laurel and hardy.
to the reptiles: you know the squeals and strange noises women make when they see little babies? i make such noises when i see a baby-alligator or something like that. i don't give a damn about human babies.
2) i'm not very social (you couldn't have guessed that after the last sentence above, huh? ;) ). well, i'm polite to everyone but still very reserved. but if i let someone get close to me i'm a very loyal friend.
3) i look younger than i am. most people think i'm something between 18 and 22. the youngest age i ever got was 14 O_o *rooofl*
i guess it's because i'm really small but they keep telling me that i just look young.
4) i'm very pale. i just don't tan. even if i roast in the sun a whole day without a sunblocker. the maximum i get is a slight tan you almost can't see.
5) what i'm really, really afraid of are injections. don't know why but you can chase me with them through the whole city... -_-;
6) i'm very lazy and i really love to sleep if i have the time for it.
7) i really love to draw. but lately i don't have the muse for it. but i get into modellising again :D (see my figure of Law noot.deviantart.com/art/My-Pre… . i'm currently working on a Kidd too). sadly i don't have too much time for that either. i'm too much into cosplay currently. i'm planning 8 different cosplay and working on 4 at the same time right now ^^;
8) i think most of my friends don't know my real name (or forgot it if i ever told them). they all know and call my by my nickname Noot.

i tag :iconmini-mei: :iconneko-animel: :iconyamavu: :iconohkikaze: :iconeiji-katzi: :iconfrog-of-rock: :iconkeichishoshuko: :iconshani-hyena:

this weekend i spent my time in linz at :iconmini-mei:'s place. it was great to see her again. it's almost a year that we met the last time. together we went to the maconvention. it was really fun! :D i met a lot of people i know from vienna and even some frome the lbm. there were so many great cosplayers~~~~ i went there 2 days as the grimm squeaker again and one day as chopper.
i'll upload some photos as soon as i worked them over.

oh and thanks to everyone who commented on my quick Kidd make-up. now i put him on my cosplay-list too :D i try to finish him really soon so i can make him this august already. i hope i make it in time.

Meet the Anime'ls! A Rat a Cat and.... a Dragon?
:iconmini-mei: :iconneko-animel: :iconnoot:

great artists and friends :heart::
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