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So ehm... You see... I got bored and also very ehm... Distracted while making this drawing. I could not stop seeing a mans torso instead of the horse body. Even now I still see it. So I needed to work on something to progress the drawing and get that torso out of my head. So eh... I gave him sunglasses. 

Now look. This is a working horse. Lots of old people live in Florida. Maybe he just decided to move there for his retirement ^^
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I can picture it in a car, saying: "get in, we are going to make bets in human racing"

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This is cool.

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thank you so much for the llama badge really means a lot to me and I love you painting. It's giving me huge Bojack horseman vibes

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The fur looks quite detailed. Have you used some texture or you drew all of them by yourself?

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I use a bristle brush. But the detail is still done "manually" if you can call it that. The smallest details in the fur is painted with a 6px brush on a A3 canvas.

There might be quicker ways to get that done but I love painting details.

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I see. Nice anyway!

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Very cool man, very cool!

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LMAO horse with glasses! XD This is so fun!

Also, really well painted :D I love what you did with the mane, too :D

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Thank you ^^

more animals with glasses are coming up once I finish my current project. Next state is California :D

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I never thought I would need to see a horse with glasses to be happy until I see a horse with glasses
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The shades make all the difference, reminded me first of this:

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"Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, Stayin Alive, Stayin Alive"-Bee Gees

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