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Vinyl and Octavia Mobile Dj Booth Balloon


The next creation I made was of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, since this one was made after I proposed to my special somepony, Jasmin M Evans I dedicated this creation to her! She is a huge fan of My Little Pony and loves Octavia! This was both my mine and her favorite scene from the episode, we both found it amazing! Since they were the musician ponies for Cranky Doodle's and Matilda's wedding and I am an entertainer as well I decided to fully dress up for this creation as well!…

I will also give a big thank you to my friend William Green of Your Entertainment Spot for helping me create the most awesome balloon ponies in Ponyville!…

If you want to see more of my creations live please make sure to find me with the Grand Brony Gala July 10-12! See you there everypony!  Also William Green will be making balloons with me during that weekend so please feel free to come and see us! 

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Jun 27, 2015 3:04:27 AM -04:00
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I saw the YouTube timelapse video. excellent job!
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You, my friend, never cease to astound me! :iconnotworthyplz:
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OOOOOOH MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! This here is a win. My absolute favorite scene by far that inspires me while I listen to music now. I want a copy of this life size balloon figure for my display!
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that is awesome 
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Thank you very much, I am just happy that not only re there still lots of bronies still liking my work but also that my lady loved it as well!
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Thank you so much, all the wubs to you!
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