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R Dash 5000 Balloon Cosplay

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Well I have been a big fan of the infamous My Little Pony series Pony.Mov for most of this year and now I have finally done it, I have made a balloon cosplay of the R Dash 5000 the robot version of Rainbow Dash after she is sawed in half! It took me around 17 hours to complete this one, and i gave it glowing eye and even flames coming out of the Jet Pack. This was a very fun cosplay to create and while I intend to create many more, sadly I will probably not be making more cosplays until January to recoup after doing two conventions in the same month. Although Chibi Pa was small, it was well worth it! And now..."CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. SWAG." Also Photo was taken by 
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WAT!!  XD Amazing!!
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Man, I remember seeing that at Chibi Pa and thought to myself "Now that is a Brony and proud of it".
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let me guess... it runs on static electricity
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Whoa! It's... well, simply no words can describe it. :XD:
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You should have more favourites/views for this. Simply Swag. 
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Thank you very much, I am hoping that I can get the attention of Hot Diggety  Demon with this, that might help get more views! 
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OMG that's so intimidating lol xD Balloons! If it attacks you just use a needle or something lol.
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Very true, the needles would work well although any kind of punch or blunt objects are actually not very effective, its surprisingly good armor! 
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In that case you should sell your idea to the military. Maybe tank shells will just bounce back off your balloon armour lol xD
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This is incredible! How do you even make something like this? Employ the help of someone else as a framework... or tie the balloons with the hope that they fit when the suit is done... or build the suit around yourself while wearing it... the world may never know! How ever it is, you have an extraordinary talent; keep up the good work.
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But once again thank you very much and while this will probably be my last of the year, expect to see something amazing in January and February! SWAG!
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I do a combination of building it around myself and using a mannequin. I try to make it fit to myself as best as possible although, it would have fit even better if I had built the torso last. I built it a day and a half earlier and it shrank! There were no spaces when I started! This is why it is best to build something like this in two days, I spent three because I still wanted to do my balloon art
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Lol, it's good! XD
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Thank you very much! I love creating challenging (even very strange) creations!
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Well, you definitely excel in that! :D
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