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Party Favor Balloon 1

On Saturday season 5 of My Little Pony came out and I was there with representatives of the Grand Brony Gala to help celebrate. Little did I know that Hasbro would make a character that 100% did what I did as an entertainer! Now balloon art is fully cannon in MLP! Party Favor is also an awesome character as well, so I just had to create the newest party pony in Equestria out of his medium of choice! This has encouraged me more to make sure that I create something big for the Gala! So please make sure to come and visit and support the Florida's only My Little Pony convention!
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You, my good sir, are definitely a superb balloon artist just like Party Favor. I must say you are my cannon human Party Favor. Keep up the awesome work with your 20% cooler skills

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Thank you very much for your kind words! Party Favor is one of my favorite ponies and I am so happy that you think of me as his true human form! I will finally be posting more things soon, I have been posting constantly though on my Facebook, Twitter and have also been having balloon featured on Equestria Daily! *hoofbump*
truly amazing! I'm very impressed.
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Well, ain't party Favor the perfect pony to be made into a balloon figure, you know, given his talent.
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oh my GOSH what a beautiful creation!! you are very talented - you have found your canon pony-sona for Sure!
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Awesome job! love it! :D (and no offense, but you kinda look like the Angry Video Game Nerd XD) 
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Thank you, I actually get that a lot especially from my best friend back in Savannah, Georgia!
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I suspect he was based off you.
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It would make me so happy if he was!
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Well, I'd say he'd be pretty impressed!
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This is totally amazing! :la: :D Epic job!
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I have no words to describe the amazingness that is . . . that teapot/kettle. It's just so magnificent. It's a shame your taste in coffee makes is unrefined. Get it. UNREFINED. COFFEE JOKES.

By the way, that is a very nice candy colored balloon horse you have there.
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Thank you very much, while I can drink coffee I'm actually more of a tea person, I'm even drinking tea now! And thank you, I very much love making technicolor horses!
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Wow that is amazing!

Are you going to make the binoculars and the bridge that Parry Favour created next?
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I might be able to make that in the future! I have a few balloon ponies from the primier I will be making by the end of this week as well!
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Your talented my friend
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Thank you so much for the support everyone! 
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No problems ^^
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He would certainly freak out if he saw this xD
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