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Balloon Discord Cosplay 1

This is the second of the two cosplays that I made for Metrocon to advertise the Grand Brony Gala. This is my balloon Discord Cosplay, it took me 18 hours to complete, was 13 feet in height (26 feet when fully stretched out) and I wore it for both Saturday and Sunday of the convention. He was a huge hit at the con and I also got an award for him as well (although the judge gave it to me before the costume contest because he said that although all the judges were huge fans of the balloon because I was strapped to it an technically not wearing it they could not officially give it to me). I got to make so many people smile and it brought a lot of interest to the Gala! I also thought it was quite fitting that Discord be made out of balloons because balloons from my experience can be quite chaotic! Well I hope to see everyone at the Grand Brony Gala in August and make sure to stay 20% more chaotic! Also make sure to check out Fluttershy's Villain Reformation show at the Grand Brony Gala!
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I was there! Do you have any other pictures of other people's cosplay?
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Unfortunately I did not get any pictures but I think that my friends with the Grand Brony Gala may have gotten some!… While I'm not sure if they have any there, I think that the Facebook for them has it!
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YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!Giggle Giggle Giggle 
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I think the best thing about this is the size. I know that might be weird, but the fact that you could have done a costume at human size (6 ft or so) would have been fine, but you went and took it up another notch and made it 13 feet. That is impressive, amazing!

I also like the story of the judges giving you the award in spite of the technicality.
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Thank you very much! I wanted to make sure that this was truly Discord as a balloon. According to the measurements Discord is pretty close to this size so I wanted him to be accurate. Also I am still very thankful for what they judges did as well, they said that they have something planned for me next year, I can only guess what they want me to do!
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WOAH 0-0 that is awesome. :D
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YOU WERE AT METROCON!!!~ I saw you! Took pictures too!!~ That was AMAZING.
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Thank you very much! I would love to see them if you have any links to them!
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I just uploaded three pictures!
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wow must of took a long time ti build
NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's avatar
Yes it did, 18 hours of chaotic ballooning altogether! 
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Discord has come to reap the sinners.
NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's avatar
Well maybe those who are not chaotic, but if you are a little crazy he would leave you alone!
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....*clap* *clap* not bad...*nods* not bad....good jobe Mate
NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's avatar
Thank you very much, I do my best to make sure that each of my cosplays is as good as I can possibly make them!
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^^ thats the best goal someone can have I guess. Youre already pretty Awesome Mate. Stay like you are^^ Brohoof
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oooooo thats creepy
Baraka1980's avatar
that is so   ...   unbelievable! 
First i didn´t see you standing behind Discord, creepy. This should be the biggest, lightest, most parts and most unique Discord-Cosplay of all times and forever.
NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's avatar
Thank you very much! It is indeed the longest cosplay I have made, being an amazing 26 feet in length when stretched out. I try to due my best to not only make my balloon cosplays unique but also very high quality! 
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My, friend, you. are. AMAZING! :D
Angelfreak67's avatar
OMG DISCORD!!!! I LOVE IT! >.> Now make chocolate rain
NoOrdinaryBalloonMan's avatar
Thank you very much! Amazingly there was one lady who was cosplaying as Screwball and she had a chocolate rain umbrella!
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