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UPDATE FREEBIE: Dirty Skin Textures G3F AND G8F


UPDATE: with a great tip from
I realized that the tool work without any issues also with Genesis 8 Female. Therefore I am updating this posting to indicate that.
I am not going to change the names of the files for download for simplicity ... but please be aware that they will work perfectly also with the G8F character.
There is nothing to be done differently. Just apply the same procedure as outlined below.

As a token of appreciation for my watchers that are in 3D modeling, I include here a set of dirty skin textures for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female for Daz Studio.

The set works with a layer that it is applied on top of the texture of any G3F and G8F character. You need to simply select the character and then double click on the desired dirty texture overlay. It is important that the dirty layer should be applied AFTER the texture of the character – including make-up options – has been applied. In other words, the dirty layer should be the last texture layer that you apply on the character.

There are three separate textures, each with the option of different strength levels. They can also be applied on top of each other (and the effect will be the sum of the effects).

If you want to erase the dirty layer, the easiest way is reapplying the original character texture.

The layer functionality might take a few seconds to activate on your computer, depending on its computing power. Please note that the download is quite heavy, as the textures are high resolutions.

In this promo render, my lovely models are showing off other three of my freebies, attached the links:

FREEBIE - LoinCloth for Genesis 2,3 and 8 by Noone102000

Mature Content

FREEBIE: Thorn Loincloth and Bra - Daz by Noone102000

Mature Content

UPDATE: FREEBIE - A Karada Rope Bondage Harness by Noone102000

I have learnt and applied a few new techniques to obtain this result. I have run several tests and the functionality seemed to be ok. Let me know in case of issues as it might be difficult to spot problems.

I would love to see the renders in which you use it, and I would appreciate if you could mention me.

Comments welcome! Thanks for favorites!


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction made in 3D rendering software. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
© 2019 - 2022 Noone102000
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Seriously. You are so talented. Thank you!

Noone102000's avatar

Thank you for your nice words!

luqu's avatar

Put it on just some legs by doing double render and image editor blend.

mich40ish's avatar

Thank you so much. This is just what I have been needing. Your generosity is much apprciated.

sawukir's avatar

Please can you convert it for genesis 3 and 8 male with genitalia

darthdoug's avatar

thankyou so much

andrecei's avatar
Magnus-Strindboem's avatar
Amazing work, thanks for sharing this!
Snapshotz3D's avatar
  Used this here: A Prize for the Pack 01-01B
  Thanks very much!
AlexArts-3D's avatar
Can I adapt this for the G8F?
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It actually should work for G8F automatically. It takes a few seconds for Daz Studio to compute, but it should work fine.
If it comes out too strong (which I noticed sometimes do with G8F textures), you should reduce the opacity of the Dirt Layer in the layered editor for the Base Color Diffuse channel and the Translucency Channel.

Hope it helps!
AlexArts-3D's avatar
Thank you, it might help...
I thought that i will do it manually for each G8F model
ClickChix's avatar
Wonderful! Thank you!
denkira7's avatar
I'm not a 3d-artist and have no idea how this all works, but if i was,
i'd used that set all the time. :D
Jakovsky's avatar
really amazing
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
Very cool definitely adds a lot of depth
Dizpincels's avatar
Thank you once again!   ...   :)
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