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Scene from the movie that am working on!
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Did this movie ever get made? Fantastic!

Demiurge of Drawings is an amazing app if you want to draw something but don't know what.…
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Wow ! Really cool pic. ^^
I'd like to see your movie when you're done ^^
Just amazing
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Izgleda sjajno.. kakav je film u pitanju ? za ovo vredi pokrenuti kickstarter kampanju...
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Gobbel Gobbel motherf$£!ers!
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Trying not to troll, but each time I see it, it just seems too much like an evil rooster
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This is some epic artwork, but just want to let you know you're not alone.  
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amazing work 
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Bad*ss level is over 9000!This is really an amazing picturte,keep it up!
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its........magical!!! O.O
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that monster design is terrific! what is he, a werechicken? xD
Anyway I really like the dynamics of the whole composition, and the movement that you can perceive from every element
Oh and great colours of course :D
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oh my god why does the party have 3 thieves

Fun jokes aside, the scene looks really colorful which is always a good choice of design, and seems to use a wide variety of colors for shading and scenery.
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There are many awesome things in this picture, but the best part is COLLLUUUURRRRRRZZZZZZZ :crazy: 
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What is that? Whatever it is... it's terrifying!

And awesome...

give me twelve.
Veikaaa kokoska!
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That cock is preety big...BADUM-TSSSSSSSSSS!
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That was terrible :rofl:
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Great to see the design you contemplated over so much put into context and motion! I love it! 
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