-PR-The Poor Plucked Partridge

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“How much further?” A male, bold sounding voice asked.
“Not much longer~!” A happier male voice sounded out.
Two Pink chimeras, a Litleo/Ducklett and a Charmander/Fletchling walked down a long stretch of road in a city. They were trying to get back home, but only hell knew if they were going down the right path.
“...Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Lion muttered to Oxnard, his eyes narrowing. Oxnard chuckled nervously and nodded, then shrinked.
“Y-Yes?!...Maybe…? I don’t know…” The three trait huffed, his head hanging low. Lion rolled his eyes and put a wing around the other Pokemon, looking around.
“Let’s...find a place to rest. We’ve been walking since morning. It’s probably the best thing we can do right now.” The pink lion muttered, looking around nervously. They really were lost, though he knew it wasn’t Oxnard’s fault. Skyhaven was semi easy to get lost in when you don’t go there at all. It was kinda rough without their trainer there. Oxnard nodded then pressed his wings to his side, wandering into a dark alleyway. Much to their dismay, they were quickly chased out by a stray Poochyena that barked and snarled at the two intruders, biting at Oxnard’s tail feathers.
“Geeze!” Oxnard snapped, holding his precious tail close.
“People around here!”
Lion rolled his eyes and grumbled in annoyance, scanning the area for another place to sit down and rest. They weren’t strays! They were Pokemon with homes! They were simply sent on an errand. Lion despised the thought of having to wear a collar to prove a point. His thoughts were interrupted by the loud, unhappy screeching of a bird. A semi naked Pidgey scrambled down the road, an unhappy human shaking its fist at the poor bird Pokemon before slamming its door shut. Oxnard and Lion looked at eachother before bolting down the road after the Pidgey. They looked for a good five or so minutes that seemed to be forever before they finally found the bird.
“...Are you okay?” Oxnard asked, his head craning up to look at the flightless mon. The pidgey cringed a bit, not answering the fairy chimera’s question. Oxnard swallowed awkwardly before lowering his head.
“...We just want to talk!...or help you if we can.” Lion quietly stated, trying to convince the pidgey that they weren’t out to hurt him. The Pidgey’s head turned to look at them eyeing them for a moment before turning away and lowering his head.
“Leave me alone...at least you pokemon HAVE owners...mine tried to eat me.”
Lion’s eyes widened at this in concern for the other Pokemon
“Yes...I’ve had to live off trash ever since…” The featherless bird whined, his eyes filling with tears
“No no no no! Don’t be sad!” Oxnard exclaimed
“We just want to help you!”
The Pidgey didn’t look at the other two Pokemon
“...can you though?” He muttered, his featherless wings pressing closer to his body. Lion and Oxnard quickly exchanged glances...unsure of what to say.
“...We can, and we will.” Lion stated.
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Word Count: 515

Fire Island gained 8 HP, 6 Attack, 3 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Fire Island has earned 27 stat points! Fire Island gained 5 level!

Oxnard Beach gained 9 HP, 4 Attack, 5 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 9 Speed.
Oxnard Beach has earned 31 stat points! Oxnard Beach gained 6 level!

Trainer earned 55 Trinities.

MoonstoneGemini tried to Speak the Deviant Pidgey
The Deviant Pidgey meets your words with an unimpressed growl.
MoonstoneGemini did not capture the stray.