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Snow White Reference



Pokemon: Ninetales/Togekiss

Extra: Morph/Cross

Type: Fire/Flying/Fairy

Name: Snow White

Nickname(s): Snow

Gender: Female

Hatch Date: 6.25.14

ID #: 6784

Breeding Status: CLOSED(Mated off!)


Nature: Jolly

Characteristic: Highly Curious

Ability: Super Luck


A really kind and gentle soul. Snow White is one of the kindest Pokemon on the ranch, known for giving even the darkest of heart a chance. Snow sought after a love in 
Krackel, but he was quickly swept up away from her, making her weary of falling in love again. She hopes to find the perfect mate for herself, but is content how she is.

Other Facts:
-Her adoptive "father" is 
Rise And Shine, who took her in after Hell on Earth nearly killed Phantom ending with Snow being afraid of him
-She has a small crush on Shine, since she sees him as more of a best friend rather than a father
-Having Snow White wed to 100 Grand was talked about, but she's not entirely sure yet
-Had a mod tech used on her to make her a morph!


Sire: Hell on Earth

Dam: Lily White

100 Grand - While Snow was wandering around Dragon's Reach, she ended up getting startled by something and fell into the massive lake where the Gyarados resided. 100 Grand quickly rescued Snow and she realized she was once again faced with the one she was originally betrothed to. After seeing how kind and sweet he is, Snow decided to agree to being with 100 Grand, giving him a kiss as thanks for rescuing her from drowning.

Ya - Snow and Ya had a small moment together where Ya felt a realization inside him. He didn't care if he was small or not, he just wanted to be there for Snow and be there in her loving embrace. Snow could sense this and she allowed Ya to be mates with her, pleasing the small Pokemon.

Haunted Hallows - After Hallows was injured by Pirate's Gigue, Snow found him leaning against a tree trying to heal himself. The two had a small exchange after Hallow had calmed down, Snow gaining Hallow's attention after asking one specific question. Hallow thought about it for a moment before he had to leave. The two eventually met up and became mates.

Children(That Stayed Home):


Level: 100

Started Base Attack: 27

Current Base Attack: 51 (+2 for evolution) (+2 for evolution)


Known Moves:

Tri Attack (Jumble Berry)
Fire Spin

Would Like to be Taught: Quick Attack, Sky Attack, Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash


Level Up Log:

+2 exp - This sheet
+3 exp - Clutch Sheet
+3 exp -
+5 exp -
+12 exp -
+1 exp -
+12 exp -
+3 exp -
+3 exp -
+14 exp -
+33 exp -
+9 exp -
+0 exp -
Old Reference
Old Reference 2

Snow White- Me
Pokemon- Nintendo

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