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The final straw all began when the Wishing Tree had completed its task and the Wishmaker granted a hundred wishes. Hollow was the only one who didn’t get his wish, and it saddened him. He sought to be a Shaymin chimera, possibly so he could have power to bring March down. Sadly it didn’t come to pass. He apparently wasn’t worthy yet. March and Caspian had apparently wished for a mate of their own and the sight was saddening to watch. A beautiful Sylveon was presented to them, completely robotic and void of emotion besides her unconditional love, loyalty, and respect for the two cruel Pokemon. It made anyone who was in their right mind sick to their stomachs. It was a horrible thing to see.
And once March had his Queen and his best guard in on everything… it just got worse from there.
March had stopped the training of Pokemon who were not sided with him entirely and it converted a lot of Pokemon to being loyal to him, even if they didn’t want to be. Today March stood proudly upon his rock where he addressed the Pokemon. No one knew where their Lloyd was and it was really scary...and lots felt they were about to find out.
“Our trainer has officially put me in charge!” March announced loudly and with pride.
“I now hold a place even higher than him! Even our dear trainer obeys me!”
As March announced this, he crushed a Pokeball under his clawed foot...assumably his own. The Pokemon who proudly followed March and his every command lifted their heads and howled happily. The Pokemon who don’t follow March wholeheartedly looked at each other nervously. March grinned and his eyes locked onto Hollow.
“And I am proud to announce my new general! Someone who has stepped up to work alongside Caspian Sea and has sworn his allegiance to me: Dead Sea!”
Hollow’s eyes widened in horror as he watched his newly evolved son step up to stand next to March. Dead Sea’s eyes locked on his father with a cold, cruel gaze before looking away. Hollow’s ears drooped and he sank to the ground. Fire Island looked at Hollow, then his angry gaze went back to March. The charizard chuckled and settled down in front of the crowd, Indian Ocean sitting proudly in her mate’s lap while Caspian Sea and Dead Sea stood next to their leader, looking out at the group of Pokemon.
“This means one thing. You all serve me. You will ALL call me your king! And if you refuse, you will be sent away. My generals will keep an eye on you, make sure you are doing as I wish and following my every command.” March dragged his tongue over his sharp teeth as he finished his words.
“For those who will follow me. You WILL become stronger!” March hissed out, his eyes narrowing.
“If you take on my ways and follow my order over your so called “trainer”, then we can overcome anything! Just declare me your King and I will grant you your every wish, as I have to Dead Sea!”
Hollow paced the edge of the Ranch, his ears pinned back and his eyes wide with terror. March as their leader? Over their trainer? And Lloyd allowed this?! Impossible! Hollow growled and stared out at the ocean, his ears pinning back on his head. It wasn’t until a rustling interrupted Hollow’s thoughts that he stopped to calm down. Hollow quickly looked over his shoulder and his eyes saddened.
“It’s Dead Sea.” The Noivern chimera corrected his father. Hollow flinched and pushed himself up.
“...Why would you...choose to follow March...?” Hollow asked his son painfully. Dead Sea’s gaze didn’t falter.
“Because. He has shown me things. I was there when our master gave him full power. I realized the opportunities I was being given. Maybe you should realize the same.”
Hollow shook slightly, his ears pinning back down onto his head.
“W-What was your wish?!”
“Why should I tell you?”
“Because I’m your mother!” Hollow snapped, tears in his eyes.
“I care about you! March doesn’t care! He just wants us all under his claws so he can take whatever he wants!”
“And I will help him. I have given him my loyalty.” Dead Sea hissed. Hollow shook his head frantically.
“Why?! Think about your siblings! This is madness!” Hollow pleaded with his son, but Dead Sea stood firm.
“If you do not follow March, you will not survive...if you have issues, take it up with him.”
With that, Dead Sea turned and walked away silently. Hollow watched his son walk away helplessly, unsure of what to say or do. Hollow then grit his teeth and turned in the direction of the ranch, spreading his wings and flying there.
March lie on the floor of his cave, his head rested down next to Indian Ocean’s.
“I’m excited for your rule.” Indian Ocean giggled. March chuckled and dragged his tongue across Indi’s cheek.
“And you will be my queen through it all~ As long as you are loyal to me.” March said confidently. Indian Ocean smiled wide and nuzzled her head into March’s neck.
“But of course my king~!” Indian Ocean exclaimed. March’s eyes twinkled with satisfaction and he curled himself around his prize that he had been bestowed. March turned to give her another lick, only to let out an irritated growl when a familiar scent hit his nose.
“Hollow.” March hissed lifting his head to look at the Noivern. Hollow snarled and walked up to March.
“What have you done to my son?!” Hollow snapped, his feathers fluffing up defensively as he confronted the Charizard. March snarled and rose up, being way bigger than Hollow he should have been able to smash the tiny runt, but it was time to be professional.
“He saw who was the proper leader for this ranch. Your son is a smart one...I’ve always had my eyes on him.” March grinned wide at the angered Noivern.
“It would be smart of you to join him on my side~ You’re still a female. You’d make a lovely mate. Just as lovely as my dear Indian Ocean here!” March purred evilly, pressing his nose against Hollow’s. Hollow hissed and backed away.
“Not interested!” Hollow snapped, his ears pinning back and his sharp fangs bared. March sighed and shook his head.
“Going to be like that are we? Shame… maybe I could ease up on your precious home if you decided to be mine.” March once again walked up close to Hollow. He put a wing around Hollow and showed his sharp teeth.
“You can let go of that dumb Rampardos you crush on, become my mate and be my queen alongside Indian Ocean... and I will let your son go and ease up on this pathetic ranch. If not, I’ll continue my plans and make them into my soldiers.” March hissed into Hollow’s ear, chomping his teeth around one of Hollow’s ears. Hollow shrieked in pain and tried to scramble away, only giving March the oppertunity to pin down the Noivern and let out a laugh of satisfaction.
“Besides! That Rampardos would never treat you the way i cou--”
“I WOULDN’T BE MATED WITH YOU IF YOU WERE THE LAST POKEMON ON EARTH!” Hollow screamed, his ears whipping up so that his voice echoed into a Boomburst. The powerful attack sent the unprepared March flying into a wall, his tail letting out a loud SNAP before he hit the floor and let out a loud roar of pain. Hollow growled loudly as his eyes widened, realizing what he had done. Hollow quickly turned and ran out of the cave, his wings spreading wide to allow him to quickly flee the scene. March grumbled and winced as he pushed himself up as Indian Ocean ran over to her mate with concern. Dead Sea quickly rushed in to check on his leader as well.
“My king! What happened?” Dead Sea exclaimed, watching the Charizard rise. March growled angrily and looked up at Dead Sea.
“Hollow happened! He attacked me!” March hissed.
“FIND HIM! Search the WHOLE island if you have to! I want that runt found and brought to me! NOW!” March roared. Dead Sea bowed his head and quickly turned, running out and leaping into the air to find his mother.
Hollow quickly flew along the beach’s edge, his eyes wide and his chest heaving as he tried to escape what had just happened. March was gonna be pissed, he knew that much.
“Hollow!” A familiar group of voices suddenly yelled behind him. Hollow froze and turned to look. Fire Island, Oxnard Beach, and Panda quickly caught up with Hollow, looking up at him with wide eyes.
“Hollow! March has sent Dead Sea after you!” Oxnard said in panic. Hollow’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to respond, but Fire Island puffed up his chest proudly.
“We’re here to help you battle!” Fire Island said confidently to his friend.
“You promised that you would help me make my family proud. I believe my mother and father would be honored to know I fought for my friend.”
Hollow blinked, then smiled and dipped his head in thanks.
“Thank yo--”
“HOLLOW!” Panda suddenly screamed.
Out of the darkness of the night sky, Dead Sea screeched and dove at his father and the small group of Pokemon. Hollow’s eyes widened in fear and he braced himself. He really didn’t want to attack his son...he REALLY didn’t. Fire Island snarled and lunged up at the attacking Pokemon, his claws showing themselves and gripping onto Dead Sea. The Noivern/Rampardos let out a loud screech and shook violently, hissing and thrashing about as he tried to get Fire Island to let go. Lion snarled louder and opened his mouth wide, hitting the angered double trait with a Water Pulse. Dead Sea hissed and quickly grabbed Fire Island’s wing in his mouth, throwing the lion pokemon down to the ground roughly. Hollow’s eyes widened and he turned just in time to get a larger shape crash into him.
“I AM BRINGING YOU TO THE KING!” Dead Sea hissed angrily. Hollow’s eyes widened in terror and he let out a screech of panic, struggling and trying to get away while not hurting his kid at the same time. Claws then raked though Dead Sea’s face, startling the attacking Pokemon and sending him scrambling backwards in panic. Oxnard Beach quickly glided back in Dead Sea’s direction while Panda bit down on Dead Sea’s nose and Fire Island chomped down on his leg.
“Run Hollow!” Oxnard called, going in to attack Dead Sea again but getting swatted away with a tail. Hollow was frozen, unsure of what to do. The fight seemed to drag on forever, Dead Sea finally managed to kick Fire Island away, sending the small pokemon sprawling back.
“ENOUGH!” Dead Sea hissed, shaking off the Pokemon attacking him. Oxnard backed up, Panda hit the ground, and Fire Island stayed down on the ground. Dead Sea hissed and his eyes narrowed.
“You will all pay...pray that the king has mercy on your souls!” Dead Sea screeched. Suddenly a burst of light erupted from where Fire Island lay and a large Pyroar/Swanna leaped up and slammed into Dead Sea.
“Your king is no king to us!” Lion roared, throwing the Noivern/Rampardos aside to stand protectively infront of his friends. Dead Sea huffed, then the last thing they all saw was a big smirk on his face before all the opposing Pokemon were knocked out by something unseen.
Hollow, Fire Island, Oxnard Beach, and Panda all stood before a very angered March and a just as angry Dead Sea.
“...I hope you are proud.” March growled at the group. Fire Island lowered his head and grit his teeth, Oxnard and Panda looked nervous, and Hollow refused to make eye contact with the self proclaimed “king”. March hissed and flinched at the pain in his tail.
“I banish all of you from this ranch. No sentence. Sleepy Hollow for attacking the king and Oxnard Beach, Fire Island, and Half Moon Caye for assisting him with his escape.
Hollow grit his teeth and turned away without another word. Fire Island looked at March and closed his eyes.
“I hope it is found out what your plans are and what you’ve done.” Fire Island stated simply, turning and following Hollow, Oxnard, and Panda away. March hissed and turned away starting to walk.
“What will happen to them father?” Red Sea huffed. March looked down at his adoptive son and narrowed his eyes.
“Who knows and who cares?” March grumbled. Red Sea’s eyes narrowed and he looked at Dead Sea who was watching the Pokemon walk away. Caspian Sea let out a snort and walked off after March.
Hollow held a sleepy Cocoa Beach and a confused Natron on his back as he, Oxnard Beach, Fire Island, and Panda flew across the sea.
“Where are we going momma?” Cocoa Beach asked with a yawn. Natron nodded in agreement and crawled on his father’s head. Hollow sighed and looked at an approaching island.
“Anywhere but there…” Hollow muttered. Exhaustion was getting to Hollow and everyone could see it. Fire Island’s gaze saddened.
“Hollow. You should stop and rest. We can land here.” Lion stated simply. Hollow nodded and sighed, gliding down towards the island. They landed in a clearing near a mountain and looked around. Hollow grit his teeth and flopped down tiredly.
“Papa! Are you alright?” Natron asked, crawling down and nuzzling Hollow. Hollow nodded weakly and closed his eyes, pressing his wings close to his sides. Fire Island and Oxnard Beach walked up to Hollow, their gazes sad and tired. Lion’s ears then perked up and he let out a growl, looking in a random direction.
“We’re being watched.” Lion growled, his eyes meeting a pair of bright golden ones in the shadows of the unknown jungle.
For :iconpokemon-reign:!
I wanted to write something to get trins but it turned into something more...dramatic than that.
Here we go

Characters: None
Word Count2346 Words | No Misspellings
Evolutions: 1
Fire Island: Litleo/Ducklett to Pyroar/Swanna
Moves: 2
Sleepy Hollow Beach: Boomburst
Fire Island: Water Pulse

[Black Sea | Charizard(Alchemized)] [EXP Share ---> Indian Ocean]
[Sleepy Hollow Beach | Noivern(Deviant/Alchemized)]
[Caspian Sea | Tyrantrum/Sharpedo] [EXP Share ---> Red Sea]
[Half Moon Caye |Deviant Noibat ]
[Indian Ocean |Sylveon/Jellicent ]
[Cocoa Beach | Noibat/Cranidos]
[Lake Natron | Shiny Noibat(Alchemized)]
[Dead Sea | Deviant Noivern/Rampardos]
[Fire Island | Shiny Litleo/Ducklett]
[Oxnard Beach | Shiny Charmander/Fletchling(Alchemized)]
[Red Sea | Shiny Charmander/Fletchling]

Pokemon- Nintendo
© 2015 - 2022 NoodleKarp
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I'm afraid that only Pokemon who are in 80% or more of the piece are able to receive rolls. In this Submission, only Black Sea, Sleepy Hollow Beach, Dead Sea, Oxnard Beach, Fire Island and Half Moon Caye will be eligible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Word Count: 2346

Black Sea gained 11 HP, 5 Attack, 4 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Black Sea has earned 46 stat points! Black Sea gained 9 level!

Exp Share Gains: Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean gained 4 HP, 4 Attack, 6 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 13 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
Indian Ocean has earned 44 stat points! Indian Ocean gained 8 level!

Sleepy Hollow Beach gained 30 HP, 26 Attack, 9 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 9 Speed.
Sleepy Hollow Beach has earned 94 stat points! Sleepy Hollow Beach gained 18 level!

Dead Sea gained 18 HP, 18 Attack, 17 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 24 Sp. Defense, 17 Speed.
Dead Sea has earned 97 stat points! Dead Sea gained 19 level!

Oxnard Beach gained 25 HP, 31 Attack, 15 Defense, 16 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 13 Speed.
Oxnard Beach has earned 104 stat points! Oxnard Beach gained 20 level!

Fire Island gained 11 HP, 9 Attack, 24 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 25 Sp. Defense, 11 Speed.
Fire Island has earned 94 stat points! Fire Island gained 18 level!

Half Moon Caye gained 24 HP, 17 Attack, 16 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 12 Sp. Defense, 18 Speed.
Half Moon Caye has earned 92 stat points! Half Moon Caye gained 18 level!

Trainer earned 621 Trinities.