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-PAYMENT..and levels- Lets Dump!



So what started out as a training montage for a couple of my pokemon
became a mix of a payment and a level dump
These are payments for the following people:
Lichtdrache (Finneon/Swablu/Feebas) for a Morph Castform from here ---> (Whom is also on the top right)
Cheru-Hime (Espurr/Chinchou/Houndour) for a Cubone/Houndour from here --->
and animose (Ice fusion Vulpix) for a Deino/Sandile from here ---->

I'm sorry that these don't look the best. With the fact that I have school in 3 days i've kinda been hurrying to get stuff I owe done ;v; Plus i'm gonna be extremely busy reference wise with all of the pokemon Charlieon gave me! x'D
Hope you guys enjoy either way!

Raspberry Chocolate Swirl(Morph Fletchling) gained 17 exp! (Full body x1, Headshot x3, Shading x4, Simple Background)
Finneon/Feebas/Swablu cross gained 25 exp! (Fullbody x5, Shading x5, Simple background)
Peppermint Winter (Morph Snow Castform) gained 9 exp! (Fullbody x1, Headshot x1, Shading x2, Simple Background)
Weather Forecast (Castform) gained 10 exp! (Fullbody x2, Shading x2, Simple Background)
Fragile Snow (Ice Fusion Vulpix) Gained 12 exp! (Headshot x3, Shading x3, Simple Background)
ChowChow (Espurr/Chinchou/Houndour) gained 8 exp! (Headshot x2, Shading x2, Simple Background)

All pokemon go to their rightful owners!
Pokemon- Nintendo
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I love it so much *-* My little butterfly fish looks super adorable, thank you so much!
Now I only need to draw the picture for her reference sheet and give her a name ^^