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Facing fears is a rough thing to do. Not only for people, but for Pokemon as well. Fear just puts that anxious pit in your stomach that sometimes makes you nervous, sometimes causes fear to the point where you want to puke. Sometimes days come where we have to face our fears whether it be for ourselves or for the people we love. If fear gets in the way of our daily routines, it’s best to get over it. That’s what Hollow had to learn.
Sleepy Hollow Beach, a kind Flying Plus, Deviant Noibat, had 2 main fears: Black Sea(or March) and being rejected by the one he loved. It stunk. He wanted to be the brave knight he was supposed to be. The reason his breeder chose him to come to Trinity Beach in the first place, but of course March had struck fear into a lot of pokemon.
“If you don’t bend and learn my ways, you’ll ALL be left behind and forgotten! No one will miss you!” The Charizard would snap to a crowd of Pokemon. He had bent and influenced so many younger Pokemon too. Red Sea, Carolina Beach, obviously Caspian Sea, and a few other Pokemon were strong followers and supporters of the Alchemized Charizard’s law and methods of getting Pokemon to be stronger. He had gone through and decided which Pokemon he wanted trained and somehow managed to communicate that to Lloyd, the head trainer of the ranch. March had once again decided to choose a Pokemon to train that day. A crowd of Pokemon was gathered in front of the Charizard and his loyal dog Caspian Sea, his dark eyes skimming the crowd filled with mixed expressions. Some were scared, some were anxious, and some grinned wickedly as if ready to be put through a tough challenge. A deep growl escaped the dark leader’s throat and he opened his maw wide to yell out the name of who he had selected.
“SLEEPY HOLLOW BEACH.” The Charizard roared. Some Pokemon of the crowd gasped and turned their attention to the Noibat, who was sitting in the far back with his three children.
“M-Me?!” Hollow stuttered in fear, his ears fearfully pinning back onto his head as he shrank to the ground. March grinned wide at this reaction.
“What~? Is that a problem?” March sneered, leaping down from the massive boulder he was standing on, stalking up to the bat Pokemon.
“Are you afraid to fight me?” To train with me?”
Hollow swallowed nervously. He was terrified of March, as was already stated. He’s stood up to Black Sea before, but that was when he was a Charmander. Before he easily took down Myrtle Beach in a fight for leadership over the entire ranch. Hollow huffed and growled quietly at the Charizard.
“I am afraid,” He stated honestly.
“But I will train and battle with grow stronger to protect my children from you!” he snapped. A few Pokemon let out cries of approval, immediately being silenced by Caspian’s loud snarl. March’s face twisted into a sick grin before standing up tall.
“Fine then, small one~!” He laughed loudly, his teeth glinting in the light of the moon.
“We shall begin very soon.” Black Sea’s eyes narrowed on the Charizard, keeping the big grin on his face before turning to Hollow’s three children. His face contorted into a scowl as he glared at the three different Noibats under their parent.
“You three shall do our exploration for the week.” March huffed
“Go out and scout the Volcanoes! Don’t you dare bring me back something that’s not worth my time.”
Dead Sea, Lake Natron, and Cocoa Beach all nodded at the Charizard glaring down at them before Dead Sea took Natron on his back and all three skittered away. Hollow’s eyes saddened as he watched them go, turning back to March. March’s eyes glowed, his presence thick with a dark aura filled with evil intention.
“You will fight Red Sea first. My pride and joy.” The Charizard chuckled, a smile returning to his face.
“Afterwards you will battle Azov, and then you will battle me.”
Hollow swallowed nervously before nodding. Red and Azov were really young Pokemon, hatched and were currently being raised by March himself. He would feed the newborns lies about how their true parents abandoned them, were going to eat them, or other dark details that made them believe that March was all they had. Red quickly had become a cold hearted Pokemon, driven by hatred towards his birth parents and wanting revenge for being supposedly abandoned. Azov on the other hand, wasn’t as cold hearted. He was more driven to prove that he wasn’t weak, find the truth about his parents and who they were, and know that he HADN’T been abandoned. He just ended up there. Azov eventually ended up becoming very insecure and very nervous at a very young age, afraid that March may abandon him as well. Not that it would surprise anyone who had been on the ranch since before or at the start of March’s rule. Either way,Hollow didn’t want to be the cause of any added stress on the two younger Pokemon, but it looked like he had no choice.
“Be careful Cocoa!”
The three siblings had made it to the volcano in a good twenty minutes or so. Natron was spacing out, her face filled with worry for her father while Dead Sea carried her and watched after an over excited Cocoa Beach at the exact same time. Cocoa Beach had never left the ranch before, so it was an exciting thing for her to be out and about.
“How about you hurry up you big slowpoke~!” Cocoa giggled, leaping up the rocky slope of the mountian side. Blue huffed up at his younger sister, slowly hauling himself after her.
“I have to carry your sister!” He yelled out
“I can’t go very fast!”
Cocoa landed on a boulder and her big, curious eyes blinked at her brother.
“Well that doesn’t sound like fun!” Cocoa pouted, flopping her small body down onto the rock. Dead Sea rolled his eyes and walked up to his sister, giving her a friendly nuzzle before smiling and standing back up straight. He quickly glanced over his shoulder to make sure Natron was still there before looking back down at Cocoa.
“We’re almost where we need to be. Once we get there I can set your sister down and we can go wandering about while Natron keeps an eye out for any Pokemon that might attack us. Just remember! We’re trying to find something to bring back to March to make sure we don’t get in trouble, understand?” Blue stated those words to his sister very calmly, yet sternly. Cocoa’s head tilted, then she grinned and nodded.
“Okie dokie brotherino~!” Cocoa giggled, hopping off the boulder she was on and fluttering her wings in the air, darting off to continue her ascent up the volcano.
“She really is a handful, isn’t she?” Natron quietly muttered. Dead Sea was surprised to hear his sister’s voice after she hadn’t spoken on the journey or during the conversation that just happened at all. Dead Sea’s eyes filled with concern for his sibling.
“Are you okay?”
Natron looked at her brother with her void of a gaze before looking back up at the sky.
“I’m just worried about our mother.” Natron muttered.
“We all know how March feels toward him, how do we know it’s not some trick or plot to hurt him. Maybe even kill him?”
Blue felt his blood run cold at his sister’s words, but he shook his head.
“I doubt March would kill him. Hurt him yes, but there’s no way he’d make such a bold risk like that. Lloyd would have him boxed for sure.” The older two trait stated calmly. Natron’s ears twitched in acknowledgement, but she said nothing. Dead Sea took that as a hint and he turned to continue up the volcano, only to get a smaller figure slamming into him and clinging to his chest tightly.
“Brother help! I accidentally tripped on it!” Cocoa whined, shaking with fear.
“W-Whoa Cocoa! What’s wrong?” Blue asked in worry. His question was quickly answered, but not by Cocoa. A large foot slammed down and the loud snarl of a different Pokemon answered Blue instead. A very angry Salamence hissed at the pokemon before it, it’s wings spreading out.
“How did you manage that?!” Blue cried out, backing away. Natron merely looked at the Salamence, not reacting to it at all. The Salamence took a few steps forward, it’s maw opening to show it’s sharp jaws. The Salamence roared and lunged forward, making Blue quickly leap out of the way with Natron and Cocoa running the other way. The Salamence, of course, quickly changed direction and went after Cocoa, hissing and growling angrily. Blue quickly set down Natron, who’s eyes were filled with worry.
“Blue hurry!” Natron cried out. The Cranidos chimera nodded and quickly turned on a dime, running after the dragon Pokemon chasing and hunting down his younger sister. By the time Blue caught up, he was greeted with the terrifying sight of Cocoa stuck between the jaws of the angered Salamence. The bigger dragon Pokemon was trying hard to close it’s jaws around Cocoa and make a meal out of the Pokemon that had disturbed it, but the Noibat/Cranidos was using her head and wings to keep the jaws apart. This was only irritating the Salamence further, shaking it’s head back and forth while Cocoa battled to keep the jaws apart. Her life depended on it at this point and  Blue could tell that Cocoa wouldn’t be able to hold there forever.
“Get away from her!” Blue snapped, boldly rushing forward. The Salamence’s gaze turned just in time to see the Cranidos lunge forward right for it.
A cry of pain and the roars and cries of many different Pokemon filled the air. Hollow hit the ground and shook in pain, attempting to get back up and gritting his teeth together while his opponent stared at him with a grin. March had taken Hollow to an arena where their own private training battles could take place. Little did Hollow know that March allowed it to get as vicious as the battling Pokemon wanted, especially since it was away from trainer eyes.
“Get up Hollow!” The shiny Fletchmander snapped, wanting an actual challenge from the older Pokemon. Hollow whined and looked at Red, his eyes sad and full of worry.
“You’re so young though!” Hollow called out. Red snarled in anger, his eyes narrowing at the weakness.
“Fight me!” Red hissed, his beak opening up wide and a Flamethrower rushing fourth at the Noibat. Hollow’s eyes widened in surprise, quickly leaping out of the way of the attacking flames. The young Chimera lunged after Hollow, screeching viciously. Hollow only got time to look at Red and for his eyes to show pure horror before a vicious, powerful Slash tore through his face. Hollow screamed in pain, holding his wing to his face. Red laughed at the pathetic fight, his beak lighting up with a Fire Fang and clamping down on Hollow’s ear and he tugged and whipped his head back and fourth. March watched the violence with a big, twisted grin on his face. His amusement only increased when tears started streaming down the Noibat’s face.
“STOP!” Hollow cried out suddenly. March raised an eyebrow, his smirk slowly forming into a frown as Hollow’s wings lit up and he slammed them down. A stress powered Air Slash hit Red and powerfully sent the younger, vicious Pokemon flying back first into a large boulder. The Fletchmander let out a yelp and hit the ground, becoming still besides shaky, tired breaths. March’s gaze went to Red for a few moments, which felt like forever to the other Pokemon, before letting his gaze go back to Hollow and his eyes narrow coldly. The Noibat’s chest heaved, forcing his injured eye to stay shut as crimson dripped to the sand from the slash marks covering it. Everyone could tell that it was going to scar really badly. Same with the injury from the Fire Fang on his ear. The other eye was wide and showed pure fear and stress. The stress was really obvious as Hollow’s whole body shook, his claws digging into the sand and stone below him to try to find some comfort. To try to level himself. After a moment, he let out a growl and whipped his body around to face March. The one who started this poor excuse of a battle. He now knew what March was putting his ranch mates through. Horrifyingly violent battles between kind Pokemon and violent Pokemon. It made Hollow sick to his stomach. It made him angry.
“Is this your idea of making Pokemon stronger?!” He snapped. March didn’t answer, merely watching the Noibat with a big grin on his face. Azov slowly stepped out from behind his adoptive father, looking up at the Charizard.
“Should I go next father…?” The Charmander chimera quietly asked. March looked down at his son, slowly placing a clawed hand on his head. His gaze turned to Hollow.
“That is enough for today.” The Charizard quietly and plainly stated, turning away from the angered, stressed out, pathetic sight before him and walking away. Azov looked at Hollow and Red with sadness in his eyes before chasing after the Charizard. Hollow let his eyes fill with tears again, he had never snapped like that before. Now he was a wreck. He was terrified! Red just tried to slaughter him just because March wanted him to battle! Hollow sank to the ground, unaware of the figures walking out to comfort him. Fire Island placed a paw on Hollow’s shoulder, Oxnard looked on with sadness in his eyes, and Zarivar walked over to Red in concern after walking up to see if Hollow was okay. The Bagon gently picked up the unconscious chimera before quietly walking away, shocked to see what his friend had done.
“You were very brave.” Lion said quietly, his paw still resting on Hollow’s shoulder. Hollow’s teary gaze shot up to look at the Litleo, his fangs gritting together. All there was in Fire Island’s gaze was comfort and compassion. Hollow’s head then snapped away and he spread his wings, quickly taking off into the sky. Oxnard’s chest filled with worry and he took a step to chase after, but Lion spread his wing out to block his friend’s path.
“...Let him go.” Fire Island stated calmly and quietly. No more words were said as Pokemon left the area and the two shiny chimeras looked on.
A vicious Head Smash from the angered Deviant Cranidos/Noibat slammed into the Salamence. It hissed in pain as it collapsed down with force, gritting its teeth and forcing itself up after staying down for what seemed to be forever. It eventually fled the battle, limping from the damage it had taken. Blue closed his eyes, breathing heavily with exhaustion. He won. He won the fight against that gigantic thing and kept his siblings safe. He looked over his shoulder to make sure they were safe. The two sisters slowly crept out, looking up at their brother with fear at first, then pride in Natron’s eyes and joy in Cocoa’s. Dead Sea closed his eyes and a bright, white light covered his body. Cocoa’s head tilted and Natron stared on as the shape of their brother altered and changed. Dead Sea let out a sigh as it finished and he shook his head, opening his eyes and quickly realizing he was towering over his siblings more than normal.
“Big brother! You evolved! Now you really ARE big!” Cocoa squealed with glee. Dead Sea’s long tail swished behind him and he smiled tiredly.
“I protected you and this is my reward.” the newly evolved chimera chuckled.
“I can’t wait to show our parents.”
Cocoa giggled and Natron nodded, crawling onto their brother’s back after lowering himself down to allow them on. Dead Sea stared off into the distance in the direction of home, worry for his “mother” crossing his mind. How did his battles go? Dead Sea shook the worries from his mind and wandered in the direction of home. Cocoa yawned and looked off in a random direction, her eyes widening suddenly.
“Hey! What’s that?”
Hollow sat on the top of a cliff alone. It was a special place for him and his children, but as much as he wanted his kids to tag along and come with him here, that wasn’t possible. He had to get away from the Beach for a while. Hollow closed his eyes and let tears stream down his face. It wasn’t long before a thump broke Hollow out of his thoughts. He looked over and saw a big, grey and blue figure sitting next to him. Hollow was silently thankful he sat on the opposite side of his slashed out eye, but his burnt and bitten ear was obviously visible.
“What happened to you kid?” Cathedral lazily huffed, his gaze locked on Hollow’s injured ear. The Noibat sniffled and wiped his good eye.
“...Tough battle.” Hollow stated quietly, looking at Cathedral. Cathedral’s lazy gaze kept looking at Hollow normally, even when Hollow revealed his cut up eye. Cathedral’s gaze showed slight concern for his friend, but he stayed calm and quiet, typical for the big lazy brute.
“You’re a tough one, you know that?” Cathedral stated. Hollow blinked, his ears perking up.
“Really?” Hollow asked
“Hmph.” Cathedral responded, looking away. Hollow’s ears drooped and he looked out at the horizon with Cathedral. The two sat there in silence for a while once again before Hollow finally sighed and stood up. Cathedral looked at Hollow silently as Hollow puffed up his chest bravely, looking at Cathedral.
“C-Cathedral…” Hollow stuttered nervously. Cathedral raised an eyebrow at his friend, blinking when a white light overcame the small noibat and his figure changed to be taller, bigger...different. The light cleared after a moment and Hollow opened his new eyes for the first time, looking at Cathedral.
“...There’s something I want to ask you.” Hollow stated bravely, his newly evolved Noivern form taking a brave stance. Cathedral chucked a bit, then grinned at the other male.
“I’m listening?”
For :iconpokemon-reign:!
For the Newbie Quest, Stage 3 plus the bonus! 

Since I like to be over complicated as crap, I wrote a 3000 word story to go with it and threw an exploration and a couple evolutions into the mix.
I REALLY have to get the Newbie Quest done, do my event for PKMNation, and do more Star Festival stuff.

Word Count: 3080 Words!

Claimed Rolls:

Characters: None
Word Count3080 Words | Proper Spelling/Grammar, Overwriting
Evolutions: 2 Evolutions
Sleepy Hollow Beach: Noibat -> Noivern
Dead Sea: Noibat/Cranidos -> Noivern/Rampardos
Moves: 5 Moves
Sleepy Hollow Beach: Air Slash
Dead Sea: Head Smash
Red Sea: Flamethrower, Slash, Fire Fang

Sleepy Hollow Beach | Noibat(Deviant/Alchemized)
Black Sea | Charizard(Alchemized)
Caspian Sea | Tyrantrum/Sharpedo
Dead Sea | Deviant Noibat/Cranidos
Lake Natron | Shiny Noibat(Alchemized)
Cocoa Beach | Noibat/Cranidos
Red Sea | Shiny Charmander/Fletchling
Sea Of Azov | Shiny Charmander/Skarmory/Spiritomb
Fire Island | Shiny Litleo/Ducklett
Oxnard Beach | Shiny Charmander/Fletchling(Alchemized)
Zarivar Lake | Bagon
The Cathedral | Rampardos (Owned by NebulaFrog!)

Exploration Form:
Explorer: MoonstoneGemini
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Volcanic
Items being Used: N/A

All Pokemon go to their rightful owners!
Pokemon- Nintendo
© 2015 - 2022 NoodleKarp
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You found a(n) Litwick [Ability 1]. Would you like to take it home with you?

Word Count: 3080

Sleepy Hollow Beach gained 14 HP, 29 Attack, 13 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 34 Sp. Defense, 14 Speed.
Sleepy Hollow Beach has earned 118 stat points! Sleepy Hollow Beach gained 23 level!

Black Sea gained 15 HP, 13 Attack, 33 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 21 Speed.
Black Sea has earned 104 stat points! Black Sea gained 20 level!

Caspian Sea gained 13 HP, 8 Attack, 24 Defense, 31 Sp. Attack, 18 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Caspian Sea has earned 104 stat points! Caspian Sea gained 20 level!

Dead Sea gained 24 HP, 17 Attack, 22 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 22 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
Dead Sea has earned 102 stat points! Dead Sea gained 20 level!

Lake Natron gained 15 HP, 28 Attack, 18 Defense, 13 Sp. Attack, 17 Sp. Defense, 23 Speed.
Lake Natron has earned 114 stat points! Lake Natron gained 22 level!

Cocoa Beach gained 24 HP, 16 Attack, 16 Defense, 12 Sp. Attack, 41 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Cocoa Beach has earned 119 stat points! Cocoa Beach gained 23 level!

Red Sea gained 3 HP, 20 Attack, 30 Defense, 28 Sp. Attack, 13 Sp. Defense, 18 Speed.
Red Sea has earned 112 stat points! Red Sea gained 22 level!

Sea of Azov gained 27 HP, 19 Attack, 13 Defense, 19 Sp. Attack, 21 Sp. Defense, 17 Speed.
Sea of Azov has earned 116 stat points! Sea of Azov gained 23 level!

Fire Island gained 21 HP, 24 Attack, 13 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 22 Sp. Defense, 18 Speed.
Fire Island has earned 112 stat points! Fire Island gained 22 level!

Oxnard Beach gained 30 HP, 6 Attack, 15 Defense, 34 Sp. Attack, 17 Sp. Defense, 15 Speed.
Oxnard Beach has earned 117 stat points! Oxnard Beach gained 23 level!

Zarivar Lake gained 10 HP, 22 Attack, 18 Defense, 19 Sp. Attack, 29 Sp. Defense, 13 Speed.
Zarivar Lake has earned 111 stat points! Zarivar Lake gained 22 level!

The Cathedral gained 25 HP, 13 Attack, 13 Defense, 18 Sp. Attack, 22 Sp. Defense, 18 Speed.
The Cathedral has earned 109 stat points! The Cathedral gained 21 level!

Gift Bonus!
Pokemon of Choice gained 4 Attack.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 4 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 1 level!

Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

Trainer earned 1926 Trinities.

You gained 3 Wish Tags!