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-Life Mate Entry- I Love You Too Much



"I love you too much
to live without you loving me back
I love you too much
heaven's my witness and this is a fact

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There's love above love and it's ours
'cause I love you too much

I live for your touch
I whisper your name night after night
I love you too much
There's only one feeling and I know its right

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There's love above love and it's ours
'cause I love you too much

Heaven knows your name and I've been praying
to have you come here by my side
Without you a part of me is missing
Just to make you my whole life will fly

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There's love above love and it's ours
'cause I love you too much

I love.... you too much
I love you too much
Heaven's my witness and this is a fact
You live in my soul
Your heart is my gold
There's love above love but its mine 'cause I love you
There's love above love and it's yours cause I love you
There's love above love and it's ours if you love me as much


The tiger took a deep sigh and looked at his paws. He wasn't sure what he could do to woo the lady who occupied his thoughts. It troubled him deeply, seeing as so many amazing Pokemon, bigger and scarier than him, had already tried to woo Queen over. How could he compare to them? The only thing he had going for him was his unique species, his size, and his speed. He looked off in the direction Phantom and Pirate's Gigue would walk to go to Queen's Ranch: Star Valley. 
"Whats up Sunny?" A gentle voice asked from below. Sun's ears shot up and he looked down. He saw a Vulpix/Solosis/Goomy, a Vulpix/Togepi/Ralts, and a Vulpix/Seviper/Swablu staring up at him with interest. Petal, the Vulpix/Solosis/Goomy cross, was the one who spoke.
"Eh...nothing." Rose muttered, looking off into the distance again. The seemingly blind Ralts cross immediately spoke up.
"You're thinkin' of our mommy again ain't cha~?" Blues squeaked in glee. Rose's eyes dialated and he swiftly looked down at the giggling pups.
"W-What?! N-No I--"
"Don't even try to hide it~! We saw how you were with her!" Destiny continued the slight teasing. Rose's chest puffed up defensively, then he let out a sigh.
" three know me better than most pokemon here..." he admitted in defeat, letting a smile cross over his face.
"Do you know how I could possibly win her heart? Even after all those other pokemon have come to see her?" Rose asked in a hushed tone. The three half siblings seemed to ponder for a moment before letting big grins spread across their little muzzles.
"You should go talk to Uncle Foxy! He's so close to our momma! He's gotta tell you something!" Emerald Blues piped up once more, his tails swishing in glee and his ears perked. Rose raised an eyebrow.
"Pirate's Gigue huh...? Never thought I'd ever have to grace myself with the King's knowledge, but if you say so."
Sun was usually really hesitant about seeing Pirate's Gigue, the newly pronounced "king" of the ranch. Pirate's Gigue always seemed so intimidating, like if someone said one word wrong he'd bite their heads off. Maybe it was just a bad first impression. After all, Sun had only ever overheard Snickers and Foxy fighing or Foxy venting to his ghostly mate Evanescence. Keeping his guard up, Rose took a deep breath, then padded down to the castle, the three vulpix pups following closely behind. 
It wasn't that long of a walk to the room that Pirate's Gigue had made his throne room. It was on the ground floor of the castle, past the long, creepy stretch that was the library. A few Pokemon who had taken refuge there had cowered when they saw the big shape of the tigerlike cross lumber through the library to the big doors. Sun let his ears pin back on his head, and he knocked on the door with a paw.
"Come in!" A gruff voice called out. Rose quietly wondered to himself if this was a good idea, but it would be selfish of him to stop now. He wanted to make an impression on Queen. At least see her one last time before he couldn't without seeming to be unwanted by whoever male became her mate. He slowly nudged open the door with his muzzle, slipping in with the three pups and letting the door slam closed behind them. Rose looked up infront of him and swallowed.
"Pirate's Gigue?"
In response, a puff of smoke was seen wafting in the air thanks to a golden eye that was now staring straight at Rose. His eyes widened at the sight of the kids and the large robotic fox pokemon quickly put out whatever he was smoking.
"What do ye want? And why are my sister's kids with ya?" Pirate's Gigue growled as he sat into a sitting position, his big mechanical ears flicking alert. Rose opened his mouth to speak, but was quickly cut off by Pixie Petal.
"Sunny wants your help with our momma! He wants to make a good impression on her!" She squeaked at her uncle. The pirate fox coughed and his eyes narrowed at Sun.
"Another man seekin' to woo me sister eh?" Foxy growled in response, sitting up.
"Yeah but Sun is a good pokemon! He's one of our best friends. He just wants to see her one time!"
While the siblings tried to convince their uncle to help, Rose stood there nearly red faced. Why couldn't the kids just let him talk for himself? Foxy's hook and teeth glinted in the light as he let out a sigh.
"Fine. I'll help ye friend, BUT if he tries to hurt 'er in any way..he's walkin the damn plank. Got it?" Foxy said with a warning snarl in his voice. The three siblings nodded and Rose felt his stomach drop as he suddenly blurted out words.
"Of course I wouldn't want to hurt her! She's beautiful! She's one of the...kindest Pokemon i've met. Only a fool would want to tarnish i've become good friends with her kids...I wouldn't be a good friend either if I seeked to hurt Queen."
Foxy's eyes narrowed at Rose's words, then a grin spread across the Fox's face.
"Alright. So yer genuine. Here's what you gotta do..."
The sun had finally began to set as Rose sat on the hill. Pixie Petal had done a fantastic job of setting up a somewhat romantic setting before running off to find her mother. Now Rose felt butterflies in his stomach. Pirate's Gigue had given him the advice he needed, but seeing her again was the part that was making him jittery. He was so nervous, but so excited at the same time. So excited just to be able to have one chance at trying to let her see his feelings for her. He hoped to Arceus that nothing would go wrong. That everything would work out and that maybe, just MAYBE, Queen would consider him. Rose's ears shot up and he took a deep breath as he heard two familiar voices approching. Pixie Petal and Coney Island Queen herself. Oh how she looked lovely in the light of the setting sun. Rose was lost in his thoughts about how pretty she looked until a voice broke his train of thought.
"Sun?" Queen asked in surprise.
"What are you doing?"
Rose took a deep breath and he walked closer to Queen. He sat down and gently put a paw to his chest before offering it out to her. Queen looked confused, but smiled and took his paw in her own.
"Sun what are you doing?" Queen giggled, not resisting the grin that was spreading across her face as she looked upon the red faced, flustered feline.
"I wanted to...ask if you would spend the evening with me...and possibly more."

Word Count: 1167 words!

Nah i actually really enjoyed making the picture and writing the story~ ;v;
This is my entry for tealgoodra's life mate contest for Coney Island Queen which can be found here!
The bit where Von mentions breaking Queen's heart. Yeah. You have to go through Foxy if you do that 'xD
and yes Foxy does smoke on occasion, but always in private and never does it around the kids--
I wanted to get this done a long time ago, but I had no ideas and I had no idea what song to use.
Then I went back and watched the Book of Life once again.
And I had the perfect idea.

Song used: I Love You Too Much from The Book of Life

Levels Earned:
For Picture and Story-
Coney Island Queen
Away From The Sun
Both gain 9 exp! (Full body x1, Complex Background x1, 1000 words)

For just story:
Emerald Blues
Pixie Petal
Destiny's Embrace
Pirate's Gigue
All gain 5 exp!
6 gift levels will be given to Away From The Sun as well!

Rose/Sun, Blues, Petal, Destiny, and Foxy- Me
Queen- tealgoodra
Snickers- xXAuraTaurusXx
Evanescence- Furuitcake
Pokemon- Nintendo
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