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Hell on Earth Reference



Pokemon: Houndoom/Skarmory/Nidoking

Extra: Cross

Type: Dark/Steel/Poison

Name: Hell on Earth

Nickname: Hell, Terra(ONLY Skittles calls him this)

Gender: Male

Hatch Date: 3.25.14

ID #: 977

Breeding Status: VERY Picky(Mated off, but I will still breed him if needed)


Nature: Rash

Characteristic: Proud of it's power

Ability: Flash Fire


After being betrayed by Noragami, Hell fell into a depression. He lost his aggressive attitude and now avoids much contact with anyone except Skittles and those who wish to treat him kindly. He's slowly rebuilding his confidence thanks to his trust found in 3 new mates, but he's still a little shaken from the incidents with Nora. 

Other Facts:
-Was transferred from Pokemon-ARPG
-Will still breed
-Got the scars on his face from a fight with Phantom
-Got a species swapper used on him to make him part Nidoking


Sire: Titanium Feather

Dam: Maggie

Skittles- Hell got with Skittles and claimed her as a mate after their first clutch together failed. He felt a connection with Skittles and acted quickly before he missed the opportunity. He treats her WAY better than her other mates because Skittles was the only one to treat Hell with kindness and forgive him for his past acts. Skittles lets Hell be somewhat dominant over her, as long as he doesn't turn into a tyrant like Snickers did. Skittles is the only one allowed to call Hell Terra because of their deep trust.

Sakura Kiss- Hell met Sakura during his depression and was really hesitant to talk to her at first. After a little bit of persuasion and reassurance that Hell could trust Kiss, he told her about what happened and the two spent time together. Hell appreciated the consideration Kiss held for Skittles and he came to like her as well. When the two saw eachother again, he insisted on being mates.

Sunny- The two had met before the whole incident with Noragami and Pirate's Gigue had found it kinda funny that Hell was interested in the sister of one of his mates. Hell was a little flustered by this fact, but seeing as Sunny was so kind to him Hell really couldn't turn her down. Hell accepted her request to be mates and he really enjoys the smoothies she brings for him.

Tandem- -To be added in the morning!-

Children(That Stayed Home):
Pirate's Gigue
Banjo Bonnie
Snow White
Thantos' Death


Level: 100

Started Base Attack: 5

Current Base Attack: 27 (+2 for evolution)


Known Moves:


Would Like to be Taught: Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Feint Attack, Flamethrower, Crunch, Inferno, Swift, Steel Wing, Air Slash, Slash, Night Slash, Thrash, Earth Power, Megahorn, Double Kick, Poison Sting


Level Up Log:

+2 exp - This sheet
+2 exp - Old Reference
+2 exp - Clutch Sheet…
+5 exp -
+13 exp -
+2 exp -
+4 exp -
+5 exp -
+18 exp -
+3 exp -
+3 exp -
+5 exp -
+4 exp -
+6 exp -
+14 exp -
+12 exp -
Old Reference 2
Old Reference 3

Hell on Earth- Me
Pokemon- Nintendo
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Can't wait to see what you do with the design now you have the species swapper XD