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A Terrible Loss



"Sky sat there on the beach, her wings wrapped around the grieving Magikarp as he rested his head on the shore of a small pool that was a bit of a distance away from the ocean. 
"It was my fault..." The magikarp mumbled, not opening his eyes to look at the crossbreed that was attempting to cheer him up. The Fletchmander's eyes saddened as she let out a quiet sigh and looked at the fog building up around the jagged mountains.
"Moustachio....It was a mistake...I'm sure it would have turned out better if...." Sky trailed off, biting her lip with her sharp teeth as she realized she was treading on delicate ground with her words. As an expecting mother of 6, she was pretty nervous herself. Would she have a miscarriage as well? She shook her head a bit. Moustachio opened his eyes and looked out into the dense fog that was surrounding their island home.
"Sky. Go back without me. I'll be fine and back home soon." he said, opening one eye just enough to look at the sad 'mon above him. Sky opened her mouth to protest, but froze and slowly closed it as she nodded her head. She looked over her shoulder at the Magikarp as he turned to face the ocean, closed her eyes, and flew into the sky with a swift beat of her wings that carried her small frame into the fog."
238 words

Moustachio had a breeding recently, and sadly one of the babies did not make it due to his low level and Moustachio took it pretty bad. Sky ATTEMPTS to cheer him up, but it doesn't work very well.
+5 exp for Take to the Sky(Full body, Complex background, 200+ word piece)
+4 exp for Moustachio (Headshot, complex background, 200+ word piece)

Sky and Moustachio- Me
Pokemon- Nintendo
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