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Tutorial: Loki's Scepter part 1

PART 2: [link]

Here's part one! A few people were interested so I made a tutorial.~

Note: this project is preferably people who have worked with things like saws and heat. I take no responsibility if you burn yourself or cut off your finger or something. :|
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podrias hacer una traduccion al español?
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You're so right, it's like the most badass weapon you can get! Plus it can make people you're minions, *evil laugh*. I'm sooo going to make this when I get the opportunity.
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wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!IT'S TOO PREFECT!!!!! And...Could you give me your authorization for this costomey?I just want to move it to Chinese website~~It's order to show more LOKI's fans to know how to do this~Please~~[I will sign your name on the last
spardakitten's avatar
What length is your scepter?
Cosmic-Eevee's avatar
Loki and kid? My life is complete
Sir-Izzy's avatar
how long did this take to make? and at were the supplies?
SpiritWolf101's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm making a Loki costume right now and this is really going to help!
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Sorry, I didn't realize you had a tutorial - please ignore my comment on your picture of the completed staff ^^;
Where did you buy the foam board?
nooby-banana's avatar
I got it at Walmart.
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I'm thinking of attempting a Loki cosplay... this will help me... :]
AccioDoublestuff's avatar
how long was your pvc pipe?
AxelAsh's avatar
This is awsome! Um...any reference photos or templates?
Whitewolfprint's avatar
that kid at the bottom is so lucky! I WANNA RIDE ON LOKI'S SHOULDER! XD he'd probably drop me though. :P
The-Love-Dove's avatar
I think my favorite part is the picture at the bottom. It made me giggle.
ConfessionsTetragram's avatar
So far mine has turned out really nice, can't wait for part 2. (:

Thanks for posting this! 8D
TimeTravelCupcake's avatar
I love you so much! Thank you! Part 2 would be great. :)
CrazyInsaneJess's avatar
Hey I'm trying to build Loki's staff, how did you manage to supply power to light up the bulb?

Please, I'm begging you to post part 2!! <3
nooby-banana's avatar
Don't worry, that part is on the way!
malloweater's avatar
is there a particular reference image you used that was helpful? this is a great tutorial 8D
nooby-banana's avatar
This is the image I used to make the scale drawing. [link] And thanks!
MegHalTow's avatar
Please to be having part 2 now? :3

This is fantastic. Seriously. Thank you so much for this.
GammaInkkk's avatar
Would it be possible if you could put a link up for the full-scale reference picture you drew, it would be EXTREMELY helpful and can't wait for part two!
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