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Toothless Tutorial Part 1

Part 2: [link]

Alright! Here's the first part of my Toothless plush tutorial! I'm already working on part 4 of the tutorial, so it's gonna be a big one. But it covers every step you need to make a Toothless plush! You're welcome to make some modifications to it if you want, as long as you give me credit for the base pattern. =)

This part only covers materials and how to piece the pattern pieces together. The links to the pattern pieces will be provided with each part of the tutorial as they are needed.
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Hola, hice este proyecto y quedó perfecto. Muchas gracias por los patrones y las indicaciones!

Wow, just found this and hoping I can get mine to look that nice. Only problem, I can download pages 2-6 but not page 1 (no download option)

I've just finished a night fury based on ur pattern hope you like it

Here is the link :

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I actually made Toothless from this pattern, two or three years ago, but I just realised that I never uploaded some pictures. I just remembered because I had to reopen him this weekend to change the filling (my fault, not the pattern's) and now I have to finish the prosthetic fin (I made the red one, and I have to draw on the skull design yet) but I guess I will upload some pictures of my Toothless soon! =)
The tutorial was very easy to follow, even for a sewing-novice like me, and the end result is just sooo lovely and cuddly!
Thank you (belatedly) for the tutorial and the pattern!
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Where can I get the pattern itself? I have no idea where to look...
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Oooh... I was trying to figure out the seam allowance, and I just found the comment saying it's 1/4" and you have to add it to the pattern. Drat. I already cut the pieces for the head. :/

Besides that, it's an adorable little pattern, and not too difficult! =D Thank you!
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Thank you so much for this pattern and tutorial.  I'm looking forward to giving this a try.  One part of the tutorial I don't see in the patterns is  the pattern for the claws.  I can't find that shape anywhere.  I printed out all 5 pattern pages and don't see it.  Also when I print the pattern out on computer paper is that the proper size for the pieces?  Thanks so much for this and sorry for the questions, I'm not very experienced at sewing.
Hi Guys, probably a really stupid question but when you draw on the patterns to cut the fabric, are you marking on the inside or the outside? I'm using faux fur and don't know if I need to flip the paper or not before tracing?
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hey thanks for the tutorial and the pattern 
I really don't get the wing veins, the tutorial is really good but... Help? *thanks for the patterns and everything* :D
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Oh hey! I did this sewing project a few years back and I think I can help you with the veins. (That's if you still even need the help. XD)

Once you sew the two sides of the membrane together, just pinch a clean line from the top of the wing (the point where it shows all the veins are gathered) to the wing point and sew. Make sure the pinched side is on the bottom of the wing.
It's almost finished now, but thank you (for the tutorial and the pattern too)!!! <3
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You're most welcome!! Glad I could be of some help. ;D
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Thank you! Awesome pattern! I'm going to make it for my lil sister for Christmas.
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Do you have to cut the fabric exactly the size of the pattern, or does it have to be a little bit bigger, because of turning right side out? thank you!
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 i am so confused because  of the head pieces ...they dont really seem to fit together. HELP :'D
i think i am doing something wrong ._.
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Love your design! I can't seem to find the link to the pattern pieces, could you help me out? Thanks! Can't wait to try to make this... twice!
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Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!  I've made a couple minor changes for my version of your plush.  I added another "finger" to the end of the wings b/c in the movies Toothless has six of them in his wings, and I'm changing how the wings attach to the body.  I'll send you a link once I finish!
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By the way, I wanted to let you know I finished making mine.  Here he is.

Toothless Meets His New Housemates by HekateLesedi
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This tutorial is absolutely amazing and easy to follow!! :heart: Thank you so much!! ^U^

:: Toothless Plush :: by Fallenpeach
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What are the dementions. How big should i make each piece? Feet, Inches?
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