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Applejack Plushie

By nooby-banana
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So in case you haven't heard, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an awesome show. I was skeptical at first, but the writing is just so good and it has some of the best Flash animation I've ever seen. And all the characters are so likable! There's no one that I really hate.

But there is a definite lack of stuffed ponies on the market. >C I PLAN TO REMEDY THIS. Hopefully I'll be able to make each of the main characters into a plushie. Applejack's first cause she's my favorite. <3 Rainbow Dash is up next!

She's about a foot tall at the top of hat and made of fleece with thick yarn for her mane and tail. Her cutie mark is red fleece sewn on, and eyes are cut-out painted plastic bowls. Her hat is reinforced with cardboard around the brim and decorative stitching was added around the edges.
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FluffydragonpuppyStudent Filmographer
I love Applejack! Could you post the pattern you used?
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well done, but there is a sweet way to make that yarn look better
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nooby-bananaStudent Filmographer
??? I'm curious.
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use a whire bush to brush it till you make it look like this [link]
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nooby-bananaStudent Filmographer
Huh! That actually looks pretty cool! So all you do is brush until all the fibers are separated and you can sort of shape it how you want?
jesusmayloveyou's avatar
yeah, after you got it like that, you just have to style it with your fingers or a regular brush ^_^
jesusmayloveyou's avatar
brush, no bush
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Djbrony923Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontakemymoneyplz: ALL OF IT!!!
jesusmayloveyou's avatar
lol i love that meme
Djbrony923's avatar
Djbrony923Hobbyist Digital Artist
It totally fits this. I WANT IT!!
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Djbrony923Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Excuse me but may I ask you something?
I am also making a applejack plushie but how did you do the yarn hair?
I have no idea how to do it.
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Rose-PhantomStudent General Artist
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God bless you and your plan to remedy the critical deficiency of My Little Pony based stuffed animal toys on the market today!! That Applejack plushie is too cute. She looks absolutely perfect!!!
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kittyfootProfessional Artisan Crafter
*sqquuueeee!* Applejack needs more love on the show, she's definatley got alot of love with this plushie! She's so cute!
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want. Want. WANT. WAAANT! This is awesome, you have a great work there and I would LOVE to know a price for ponies. AJ is definately my fav. awesome work.
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LastHylianChevalierStudent General Artist
I would pay for supplies, time, and effort, if you could make me this <3 <3
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SexualTurtleHobbyist Photographer
OHMYFUCKINGGOD :iconjizzinmypantsplz:
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So awesome!
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are you selling anything?
shortpixie89's avatar
This is so cute! One of the cutest I have seen. I would buy one <3 Applejack is my favorite as well :3 Amazing job!
afroclownZ's avatar
I will give you all of my money if I can have one
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