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Shalom My Noobs!

I'm NoobJew666, But you can call me YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. I’m an “Artist” that makes stuff with paper Craft. But I might do more. Also, I heard Through the Grapevine that people say that “Deviantart sucks”. AND IT TURE. So do I Regret making an account?...YES. Right now as I'm Writing this, I am already ashamed of it.

Deviantart is full of garbage that most people should be ashamed of. Yeah there’s some good art...REALLY GOOD ART. like this one.

You should follow him. Or watch. But I’m going to say follow because that’s stupid. But there is good art. It’s just hard to find with all the shit.

You: “ Really? I’d say it’s hard to find bad art on Deviantart...Who am I kidding? FUCK THIS WEBSITE. ”

I hope I'll never use this account and forget I even have it.

Just follow me on here:






Maybe not Instagram. You can’t even upload photos from your pc. FUCK!

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Just a Reminder

Don't take anger out of deviantart

Because The Fan artists Did Nothing to you

Note: You're probably Being a Literal Asshole to Fan artists

And say Rude shit about them

Leave my fucking art alone and stop telling me what art is mine! middle finger

Honestly NoobJew666 Dose his Art Criticize Way too Fuckin Far

to Fan Artists

After Reading NoobJew666's My Bio

it kinda sounds like a Sentimental Message

I've noticed you gave my DBFC-styled sprite set a 1/10. I'd like to know why. Like the sprites look jagged and stuff? I could try to fix that.

I'm sorry.


I just really feel that much about it.

Really good welcome to DeviantArt!