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This woman is an officer in the Bismuth Bond. In theory they are the personal guard of the Queen of Koureln, however successive Queens have manipulated the system to establish the Bond as protectors of the whole city and outlying territory. The only absolute limitations on what the Queen may do with them is that only women may join their ranks, they may not cross into territory that does not belong to Koureln, and the Grand General may order them to stand down at any time. The Grand General is typically too concerned with using his armies to protect the borders and aid Koureln's allies to add the pressure of internal troubles, so the arrangement is seen as beneficial to all.

The decoration of this armour, etched in bismuth over bronze, signifies her Sergeant's rank. Bismuth, though a poor metal with little practical use, is the only metal found in plentiful supply in the vicinity of Koureln. As such it has become identified with the country and the Queen in particular.

I'm working on creating a webcomic of my own creation at the moment. I'm pretty comfortable with how the story is shaping up, but I really need to push myself to work on the concept art. Therefore I'm going to draw a thing a day, and this is the first of those. I'm not necessarily going to post them right away, depending on whether I think it's too much of a spoiler, but I'll post as much as I can.
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