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My models' rules! by nononoP My models' rules! :iconnononop:nononoP 221 69 How to report to dA by nononoP How to report to dA :iconnononop:nononoP 56 12 My drawing and my model by nononoP My drawing and my model :iconnononop:nononoP 194 77


Information from roco
Hello, I am roco.
Do you understand the reason why I set Japanese password?
It came from my fear that unexpected happenings can occur in oversea communities unlike in Japan.
For example, in oversea communities, my models can be edited to zombies, killed, and redistributed.
Needless to say, each of above-mentioned behavior is enough to my anger.
Still now, I cannot see an improvement of this situation, even though NononoP kindly conveyed my message to you.
I set Japanese password, but I do not intend at all to discriminate against non-Japanese users.
Just fear!
I know what happened in oversea communities until now. It is horrible. Just for example..
Only fear makes me set Japanese password!!
Models that have Japanese password are treated as rare models, like models whose distribu
:iconroco-55:roco-55 38 110
How to Report Links on Mediafire by xDreamOfRoses How to Report Links on Mediafire :iconxdreamofroses:xDreamOfRoses 14 13 You can use my MMD model for a romantic content in by FamibunP You can use my MMD model for a romantic content in :iconfamibunp:FamibunP 187 47
The responsibility for the translation of rules.
I think that the translation of models' rules is very important but it is quite difficult.
If someone asks me to translate other modeler's rules to English, I will refuse...
My English is too poor to take a responsibility for translation. lol
Especially, mistranslation of rules is a very big problem.
If I translate a Japanese readme to English, some people will misunderstand that my translation is perfectly correct.
The good example is "No yaoi" rules.
(Just an example, I do not intend to blame anyone.)
Many people in dA did not know about "No yaoi" rules.
There are three different types of problems in this drama.
At first, in some cases, the English readme is different from the Japanese readme.
This is about Nachi Akira's Italia models.
Nachi Akira forbid to use the models in romantic contents (both of maleXmale and maleXfemale) in the Japanese readme, but the English readme does not say anything about romantic use.
So, it cannot be helped.
In MY opinion, no one can blame you as long
:iconq-ku-mmd:Q-Ku-mmd 25 21
Who owns MMD models?
I was wondering about the reason why Japanese MMD user does not trade MMD models and why oversea MMD user does it.
And I found one answer.
When Japanese MMD user writes the MMD model name and modeler's name in his/her work, he/she uses the word "okarishita mono" very often.
"Okarishita mono" means "things what I BORROWED."
This word shows the way of Japanese MMD users thinking very well.
He/she has MMD model data and he/she can use it, but he/she OWNS nothing.
The modeler is the only person who OWNS MMD model.
Model users are only borrowing models from the modeler.
So, trade of MMD models cannot be possible.
Who can trade the things he/she borrows from someone? - No one!
Even if he/she has quite many number of MMD models, they are not his/her own collection.
So, MMD model trade is very strange for Japanese MMD users.
Many readme written by Japanese modelers do not have the word "No trading" but that does not mean you can trade the models.
Because MMD model trade cannot be possible in J
:iconq-ku-mmd:Q-Ku-mmd 47 40
Want a sip? by Aisuchuu Want a sip? :iconaisuchuu:Aisuchuu 279 51


:iconriotoqll: :iconroco-55: :iconfamibunp: :iconq-ku-mmd:



nononoP's Profile Picture
I am a maker of Hetalia MMD models :
mini!Japan, Panjandrum, Paffin, HevyRotation!America etc.

I am Japanese.
I read and write Japanese, English (a little Italian).
I'm glad that you write in plain English if you are kindness. in Japanese language)

..niconico Douga..(in Japanese language)…

If you want my models, Read this Journal.
Read my rule, Keep it and enjoy MMD!

I have a mistake!
My birthday is not 25 June. ><
I forbid to re-upload and translate my rules.
I repeat to write in Journal and readme and here( ).

Do I harass people?

Do you say "He/Shewrites so out of kindness." ?
Kindness is grad.
But it is also a mixed blessing.

If someone write or commentate my rules in Kindness.
Who can judge it is true?
Can SOMEONE takes responsibility if it is not true?

If someone says "This model's rules are allowed to redistribute!",
I think People will start to re-distribute.

Sometimes kindness leads to tragedy.

People have produced the tragedy in any mistranslation or misunderstanding before?

I have to say about its dangers.

YOU MUST READ rules in the model's readme if someone writes "These are this model's rules!".

Please you write here( ) if you have questions about my rules.
I answer there.

Please hit the punctuation when you send note or comment.
It is hard to read by me if there is no punctuation and line breaks.

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happy birthday
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aqlaam Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
Guess who's the reason that made me leave MMD? The modelers.
Guess what's the reason that made MMD whiteknights so cringe? The modelers.
Guess who brainwashes every innocent MMDer who tries to keep the rules? The modelers.

There are some modelers who are nice equally to Japanese and overseas people. We know that it's so hard to make one model, we know that there are rule breakers.
But not to the point that you (modelers) stop caring about overseas. You just come here to criticize us then leave to Twitter and write nonsense stuff. Why only overseas? Why don't you go to niconico blog and start blaming Japanese MMDers? Why do you use the excuse "There are culture barriers"? Ever heard of "transculturalism" and "multiculturalism"? Why do you specially go to the guilty and leave your whiteknights alone?

That's my message. I hope you understand. Bye-bye.
l-ondinium Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017
Hello ^^
I really love your models, and I'm contemplating on making my own Hetalia MMD models using Metasequoia. I have a few model sheets, yet I still need help with using Metasequoia-
If you could give me some advice on making a model completely from scratch, I would really appreciate it ^^
aqlaam Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017
I highly doubt she would answer.
Also, she said: "I don't teach how to make a model" according to this deviation:…
MarcoPeach Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017
This may sound like a weird question, how old were you when you started making models?
I'm very sorry if I sound rude, but I am very curious.
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