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I think I've finally found the name for my puppet - maybe.
I'm tired of calling him 'the puppet' or simply 'he'.
But who can say if I've taken the definitive decision. I will let you know in the next days.

Besides, I'm full of ideas for drawings, collage and photographs to take or edit. But I'm so lazy, and I've started again to study.
By the way I'm thinking about creating something from my drawings to sell. Unfortunately my insecurities have the upper hand ._.

Anyway, thanks to $trowlandson I've now a 3 months subscription!
One - and probably the only - whim I've always wanted to satisfy is to make some features!
Here we go.  

:thumb92173265:  :thumb86804306:  

Balance by iMais   waitin by iMais  

:thumb66229043:   Dreams by grace-note

:thumb92244437:  :thumb92347105:  

:thumb90151109:  :thumb88991473:  

Dreamer by koharutie   Papaveri by Qualcuna

Lightbulbs And Lunacy by start-static  :thumb82292405:


Avenious by DorotejaC  :thumb84360745:  

and just forget the world by Linlith   thank you by etherealwinter


:thumb91887733:  :thumb90626307:  

R i g a by bitterev   coast to coast -rework- by MagentaWorld

limon.y.sal by BigGreenEyes  :thumb88045644:

:thumb91269474:   e.l by oonton  
Heroin by moss-koete   un giorno dopo l'altro, by umorismoDAflashBACK  

:thumb87968694:   Escapism by raun

it's hard to be strong . by V3Nr3VeNG3   each wish resigned. by smokedval  

InsideOut by Silecia  :thumb91841792:
SuN BeTwEEn CLoUdS by Kyactus   Bad Day by st3to  

ConTRocorReNte by b4c0   .changes. by b4c0    

-Rimembranze by NarcoticMind   -LuciferSam by NarcoticMind

:thumb91693970:   dolli by poplok

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a veryveryvery belated thank you!
i love you.
thanks <3
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V3Nr3VeNG3's avatar
grazie tresooooor
Nonnetta's avatar
MissKeira's avatar
:heart: grazie piccola
Nonnetta's avatar
insert-profanity's avatar
love the features (:
Nonnetta's avatar
MagentaWorld's avatar
uuuuuh hihihihi

l'hai detto anche alle autrici vere della cosa? )
Nonnetta's avatar
oddio, non ci avevo pensato visto che l'hai editata/postata tu ._.
una delle autrici è su dA ho visto, quindi glielo posso dire.. ma l'altra, magari glielo potresti dire tu :]
MagentaWorld's avatar
seguro! ma credo che siano molto più vicine tra loro
quindi avran già provvis-...provvedut-...provvolat-....ehm...


ma come se che se diseeeee---!
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sei sempre uno spasso! XD
comunque io ho provveduto ad avvertire
Linlith's avatar
thanks so much! :aww::hug:
Nonnetta's avatar
you're welcome :heart:
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Yay,Thanks alot for the features..:hug: :heart:
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grace-note's avatar
Nonnetta's avatar
you're welcome :]
CoccaOn's avatar
la subscription a me non le regala nessuno! =(

però dai, stai trovando un nome! =)
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