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Polyerosy: to be capable of being sexually attracted to more than one person at the same time and be in an sexual relationship with any of those people. Poly meaning multiple, and Eros meaning sexual desire in Greek.

Colors are of the polyamory flag upside down, to show that polyerosy is it's counterpart.
Black symbolizes solidarity and pride in other poly/non-mono people.
Red symbolizes sexual desire, sexuality, intensity and passion.
Blue symbolizes openness, communication, honesty and freedom.
The dark hues symbolizes strength, courage and fortitude in pride of being non-mono/poly.
The Golden "ἔ" in the center comes from the plural form of Eros, and the Erotes, a collective of winged gods associated with love and sexual intercourse in Greek mythology.

Coined and designed by This person and This person
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What would the adjective form be? Polyerosous?

Polyamory > Polyamorous
Polyerosy > ???
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Probably! You'd probably get a better answer from the peeps who coined the term and designed the flags. :)