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Waiting for the sunrise : "Rue and Qiao" (I gave them name finally ^^)
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cool, i love the Han style.
paper-flowers's avatar
Such stunning detail! ^_^ Your work is amazing!
JellisLioness's avatar
looks like something right out of a serious anime ^^ great work
KnightofChrist's avatar
Wow. Unique style u have there. Really nice work. Love the color choices.. :highfive:
HokaHoka's avatar
I like them so don't worry sweet!!!
And you gave them a name...OwO and good ones btw^^
Add :+fav:
noniq's avatar
Oh, my.. I'm so happyyy... ^^ Thank you so much dear :)
Cafilence's avatar
Wow! I like this picture. You colored them so well and the guy is drop dead gorgeous! :love: mine mine!
cptkrowe's avatar
Very cool. I like how you made his scarf.
Crazy-Joe-Davola's avatar
Very cool. They have an interesting atmosphere about them. :D
ErinKerr's avatar
Ohhh! I always love seeing your beautiful work...I'll have to feature you in my next journal watchers should know about you...heck EVERYONE should see your work. The detailing on this this great! The feather boa around his neck looks really touchable...
Hansamu na node...XD
noniq's avatar
Oh, my ^^ thank you very much :hug:
ErinKerr's avatar are welcome! You are so worth it too...:hug:
TheEyeOfGS's avatar
such good details!
Lil-Clover's avatar
soft sekali shadingnya :)
ini ada ceritanya?
noniq's avatar
Ehm.. Belum ada, mungkin ntar dibuat XD~ hahahaa... Terlalu soft yah ?
Lil-Clover's avatar
softnya rapi kok, tp mgkn keliatanny jd agak flat, coba kontras terang gelapnya lebih kentara de, pasti lebih bagus lagi :)
hehehe ditunggu yak ceritanya =P
CandyxCorex's avatar
amzing! you're so talented :D
b00b00Mlawlz's avatar
kuhu's avatar
Gah! Your painting/shading is so good!

I'm going to make a device, for the sole purpose of sucking out painting and shading skills, and you shall be my first victim >:3

That is a compliment, despite how confusing it is lol.
noniq's avatar
Oh, hahahhaa... Okay then :) *shake hands
Hangmoon's avatar
how long time you draw it?
noniq's avatar
um... why ? I was afraid that my spent time doesn't worth with the outcome XD~
Hangmoon's avatar
I just interesting why you draw only people all your pictures looks same. I think this guys is very likable for you, but interesting how you draw other things ;)
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