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7 hours (in 2 days) > 1 hr sketching, 1 hr tracing, and +- 5 hr coloring . I'm not that often drawing anime hahaha.. And I was slacking off..

And my commission
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Xyphel's avatar
Lovely!!! Very stunning!
calypsochick's avatar
Wow great colours! ^^ There's so much detail tis awesome!
Hurricane-Jeanne's avatar
The background is very cool. I love the pose, the hair and the wings too! :D
jamjamstyle's avatar
You sure have used awsome elements in your drawing like the effects. And i can see you took your time on the details, it looks overall great :)
MariaMurphyArt's avatar
Super work.Great color work,I am a traditional artist and have tried so hard to do digital coloring,can never get it right,I will stick to paper.I really appreciated this type of Art.STUNNING WORK.Loved your blog too !
noniq's avatar
Thank you so much ^^
kuhu's avatar
Dude, this is beautiful :noes:
b00b00Mlawlz's avatar
I love the colors
marixon's avatar
woww! that's awesome!!
great job!!:D
phicek's avatar
bagus mbak,jadi pingin gambar peri2 lagi saya..
Cloverbud-Warsong's avatar
The coloring in this is absolutely beautiful! Nice work :)
Nanjung110's avatar
gaya anime... tumben ^^
noniq's avatar
XtremeWoW's avatar
I'm a bit surprise that
u drew an art like this
it's very different from ur previously arts..
that's nice too
keep going!
noniq's avatar
It's really different, hahaha... I don't often draw with this kind of style XD *-back to nature then XD
ErinKerr's avatar
O.O You blow me away everytime! XD A style on you that I've never seen before...beautifuly done.
noniq's avatar
Awwww.. Thankies and also the favvv >.< But I cant make it as beautiful as yours XD
ErinKerr's avatar
welcome, hun.^^ :hug: Hey...sure you can! I think you're a little too hard on your own work...*sigh* artists can be their own worst critics, right. I know I can be. XD
momijigirl's avatar
wow! very nice and well done. I enjoy the colors and the wings.
YinLein's avatar
I really like the details on the clothes and the accessories on the hair.
The colors are amazing!
diado's avatar
Nice work on the colouring :nod:
Sludgee's avatar
Nice use of purple. Very vibrant. :D
Shigdioxin's avatar
very vivid and vibrant :)
WeHippos's avatar
i like the clothes :] and the head band thing...
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