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A Taste for Strength by NonieR, literature

A Taste for Strength by NonieR, literature

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My Bio
I was never much of an artist even before I developed hand tremors (I'm hypothyroid and 58), but I've always loved art, especially comic-book art and Art Nouveau.

As a gamer of the old school - people around a table with dice and character sheets - I've always loved creating pictures of the characters and villains.

But even before the tremors, I had trouble with poses and proportions, so I'd usually xerox from my favorite comics artists and work from there. One figure's head, another's upper torso, a third's right hand, a fourth's lower body, all customized for age and race and gender and given new clothes and weapons.

And yes, they've always been for private use only. No publishing, no selling, no posting online.

These days, with the hand tremors, it's even harder, so I may occasionally ask DevArt artists here if I may borrow a copy of their posted work for the same purpose.


When I'm not here, I'm probably hanging out at Ten Ton Studios (…), especially the weekly sketch challenges. To my surprise, even some pro artist find my occasional crits useful.

Art preferences: I enjoy some anime, but am old enough I didn't grow up on it, and therefore still prefer a more standard comics style rather than manga or goofy or fully painted. 'S not a value judgement, just personal taste.

Some favorite artists:

Ed Benes
Frank Miller - ever since early Daredevil
Jim Lee
Steve Dillon (even if everybody looks alike)
Tony Daniel
Robert Atkins (though I'm not otherwise a GI Joe fan)
Mukesh Singh (Gamekeeper, yum!)
Terry Dodson
Silvestri, often
John Byrne for conveying HUGENESS in bases, monsters, etc.
Greg Land's got his moments, but he's just too slick
And I've enjoyed the less ridiculous bits of Liefeld, so there.

So yes, I'm predictable; I like fairly pleasant-looking art rather than blobby, too-cute, badly rendered, or grimy enough that I wanna wash my eyes. Yes, those are all great art too - for someone else to enjoy.

I do enjoy erotic art now and then, but not the ridiculously overbuilt nor the deliberately humiliating. No three-foot dicks or basketball-sized breasts, no deliberately grotesque or insulting stereotypes, and (I know this is an odd one) no explicit rape or torture that isn't in based on both characters' personalities AND their relationship.

Yes, Wesker might do something pretty nasty to Jill, and they both know it. Gives me the creeps, but it's valid to me in a way that, say, having Lobo rape Jubilee or Donald Duck or Aunt May isn't. Ditto for, say, Bane taking out his old prison habits on any of the Bats, but not the Scarlet Witch, Archie, or anyone at all from the Little Mermaid. (No, not even Lumiere.)


And in any kinda art, I REALLY love a good parody--not the generic caricatures of classic Mad magazine, but ones that really match the style of the original.

Which is one reason I'm so fond of the Ten Ton Sketch Challenges; among all the serious versions of a character, you can suddenly run into Khoi Pham's Big Barda in bunny slippers finding out that her armor shrank in the laundry. And if you're a little tired of the Watchmen, Jeremy Freeman drew them as Muppets. And how about mmmmmpig's Taskmaster perfectly mimicking the skills of...Fred Astaire? GWAH!

--Nonie, having the time of her life

Current Residence: Iowa City, USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2X
Favourite genre of music: Sea chanteys, Celtic and traditional folk
Favourite style of art: Comics, preferably modern
Operating System: The human mind <g>
Favourite cartoon character: Porky Pine from Pogo, or Samurai Cat
Personal Quote: "This sentence no brain"

Favourite Visual Artist
Ed Benes, Donna Barr, Donato Giancola, Frank Frazetta's B&W illos, Macauley's architectural histories
Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings, The Yakuza (Robert Mitchum/Takakura Ken), or Ghostbusters
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock (BBC), Firefly, Buffy, X-Files
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Celtic & trad, sea chanteys, and filk: Ewan MacColl, Clancy Brothers, Stan Rogers, June Tabor, and also Heather Alexander, Kathy Mar, Michael Longcor, and (for sheer cussedness) Leslie Fish
Favourite Books
SF/Fant: Wee Free Men, Wizard of Earthsea, Downbelow Station. Mysteries: Bone Collector, Gyrth Chalice, Gaudy Night, The Long Son. Nonfict: The Ghost Map; Guns, Germs and Steel; T Grandin on animals; N Goldberg on writing; B Roueche on medical detection
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Bear, CJ Cherryh, Dorothy Sayers, and poet Richard Wilbur
Favourite Games
Champions (superhero roleplaying from Hero Games)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wooden table, character sheets, dice, and good munchies to go with them
Tools of the Trade
Open Office - because MS Word now sucketh. Mozilla Thunderbird & Firefox. 1/6-scale action figures. Life.
Other Interests
Finding loose Barbies & Joes &their gear for customizers. Shadow Unit. Comicsverse Batman, Nightwing, etc. *before* DC killed 'em all by creating the New52 <hack> <ptui!>
I'm finally posting my fan stories on Archive Of Our Own (AO3) at Yes, some of them are male/male slash, but I've tagged 'em all so they're easy to avoid if you don't like the stuff. We all have different limits. Me, I'm fine with character fic but am personally horrified by RPF that features the actors themselves (especially if the writer gives them opinions or sexualities the real actors don't share), while other people point out RPF is how fanfic STARTED and that a celebrity's public persona is a constructed character anyway. Tags/flags are our friends. --Nonie
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I realized I haven't heard mention of "Lord of the Peeps" for some time, despite all the new Tolkien fans. If any of you haven't seen the site, it's THE LORD OF THE RINGS done with marshmallow Peeps, dollhouse miniatures, and complete nonsense. For example, here's Boromir, Legolas, and Gimli To see the whole thing, start at and select "Movie" on the left side of the screen (unless you're interested in the marshmallow actors' bios, the extra Counci
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Gwah! I think I bruised my funny bone tonight. (No, not that one; I'm female.) ;) One of my gamers likes to hold movie nights if we have to cancel our weekly RPG session, and one member turned out never to have seen "Big Trouble in Little China," so the rest of us got to enjoy it all over again. But Lee didn't *warn* us before he followed it with the video "Lo Pan Style," , which was apparently done by the same actor who played him in the movie. Bwah! Still, I'm planning my revenge; Lee probably knows "Enter the Dragon" by heart, but even though he's *heard* of the parody "A Fistful of Yen" (the m
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