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Superboy: Superman

Superboy as Superman! I don't know what circumstances would lead to this happening, but I mean no ill will towards ol' Clark! In my head, I think even though Kon thinks Clark is a total lame-o boy scout now, he'd be really similar to Clark when he's Superman :)

Yes, this is another super person amidst some clouds lol. Spring time just puts me on that mood :)
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Bart probably has to remind Tim and Conner of the olden days quite a bit. Boy scout indeed. :P
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Superboy-I mean Superman looks awesome.

Hell, before the reboot, he had finally become "the man who can do everything superman can do"
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one of the biggest reasons I regret the reboot!!
Kaoskid1's avatar
Yeah, that was some old bullslag

The negatives outweigh the (very few) positives.
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well Clark is going to get old and retire some day, right?
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Lovely! I like that it's still Kon with those gloves of his on! =)
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Thanks!!! I'm so happy you notice that! :)
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O____O ~*drools*~ i waaannnnnttt...

ahem... I mean... um... very nicely done picture!!!
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lol join the club ;D
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Wow! Now, I really want him to save me :3 I would fake any kidnapping or whatever.. XD
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