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Pokemorph Hayabashi



For a game a friend and I are running, called "Ascended Masters" informally, in a world where a pokemon called Manaphy was consumed by grief trying to save its offspring Phione from corrupt scientists and switched pokemon and human hearts into the others' bodies. Manaphy later was killed as an act of kindness, but it permanently messed up the natural order, and as a result humans and pokemon alike disappeared, resulting in two distinct races: pokemorphs and gajinka (more humanoid than pokemon, all with abilities).

So instead of a pokemon Elite Four and becoming the best 'trainer', pokemorph and gajinka battle in teams to become Ascended Masters- IF they can beat the current Ascended Masters, whom no one's ever seen before.

Meet Hayabashi, a young growlithe girl who's going to grow up into a total babe and one of my six main butt-kicker characters. She insists that she's gonna be scorchin' hot and blow up whoever gets in her way. :D She's loud, brassy and if you piss her off, bitchy! (But the 'bitch' of the party is my Zangoose girl, Miaaga...) As a growlithe, she's gangly and awkward looking- more limb than muscle!- but this picture captures both of her phases.

I think she came out pretty good! I'm digging her mane and pose.

Prisma marker & white gel pen

Hayabashi © CD Steele
Pokemon © Nintendo, Pokemon USA, Game Freak, etc
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she is beautiful also i love the world you created in you comment it sounds very interesting to me =)

well im of to look around you gallery now =)