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Tales of Old Coots And Property
The day had come at last as the nobles and dignitaries entered Castle Corona for The Summit. Our heroine, Rapunzel, and her love, Eugene, were greeting the upper-class foreigners into their home. With the exception of Elsa and Anna, who arrived earlier, the couple could barely tolerate the presence of the nobility. If they were not obsessing over their fortunes, they were trying to make slightly obvious passes towards Rapunzel. The noblemen, especially the ones old enough to be her grandfather, were flirty and some of them could barely keep the excitement in their pants as Rapunzel sadly noticed. Eugene was struggling to not let loose and knock the teeth out of these snobs and his wife was barely holding it together thanks to fear that lashing out, no matter how justified, would make her closer to becoming Gothel.
But there was one little, chicken looking man who almost made Rapunzel lose her mind and not because he was horny. In actuality, Rapunzel wished he was a pervert. She never r
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Tales of Being Noticed
The belief in an afterlife is one of the few subjects that transcends the division among races, religions, and culture. One example involves acknowledging one man's divinity to get into paradise. And in another, when you die you have to cross a bridge over Hell to get into eternal glory. And the worse the person was when he was alive, the narrower the path becomes. And to some, it was simply reincarnation. But for young man, he was brought back from the dead thanks to someone on the Moon, which was not any more or less weird than other religions, whether still practiced or not. Of course letting the boy you just revived go back into the world with no memory and no one being able to see him was sort of a boneheaded move, but it all worked out in the end, though not completely. Even though the boy had a few people who could see him, for reasons only known to him, it was not enough. He wanted to know the simple joy of saying 'hi' to a stranger and going on his merry way.
That boy was Jack
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Tales of Decorating
Rapunzel was currently at an impasse since she did not know what her mother owned. Sure, Rapunzel was "owned" by her for all of her natural life, but she would not see herself as someone else's property. Besides, what exactly qualifies something as your ownership? The fact you paid for it or the sentimental value you placed on it?
My mother has been turned into a zombie bear, I have a summit to set up, and I'm too busy fussing to myself about the concept of ownership? Rapunzel thought to herself as she painted on the wall.
So she decided to focus on finishing the decorations of The Summit. After all, it was only the biggest shindig on the continent. Royalty and representatives from all over the lands would come together to make trade deals, establish treaties, and hopefully remain civil towards each long enough to ensure so any chance of war is kept minimal. Naturally, because most of these people were self-centered and conceited, Rapunzel had to make sure everything was in or
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A Shattered Snowflake
The wind howled unintelligently in the young woman's room, but to its occupant, the current of air was intimidating her like it always did. It felt as though it was trying to eat away at the remains of this poor girl's mind with its taunts, jeers, and curses.
You stupid, cursed girl! The wind roared. My poor, little Elsa. My ugly, pathetic monster.
Eighteen year old Elsa hugged herself desperately trying to ignore the wind. Alas, like everything she thought she ever done, it was in vain. How come concealing her emotions was not working she wondered as her throbbed in anger and sadness?
Aww. Daddy's little advice of 'Conceal. Don't Feel' not working, Elsa? The wind mocked. Come on, wench, try harder! Monsters aren't supposed to have feelings.
"SHUT UP!" Elsa yelled through her throat. "JUST SHUT UP!"
But the wind was relentless with its harassments as it swirled around the room, which was already a winter nightmare. Snow covered every piece
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Tales of Fallen Fruit
Somewhere in the prosperous kingdom of Corona was a tower hidden from sight. From the looks of it, the tower was unable to be explored because there was no noticeable entrance to its secrets. Actually, the spire had a load of sad history in its walls. It was where a witch kidnapped a baby princess in order to use said princess' hair to remain young forever. Of course, one would wonder what the witch planned on using as a youth potion once the princess eventually… you know… died. But the witch kept the lost princess Rapunzel under her control by pretending to be her biological mother and using manipulation and emotional abuse which went on for eighteen years.
However, the witch died, Rapunzel was reunited with her family again, and all was right with the world. Until today that is. See, the new-found princess decided to return to her former prison to look for something she needed. And she was not alone as a companion of hers, a redheaded princess, was helping her. After find
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Tales of Your Calling
An upset Merida was finally back at DunBroch but she did not get a heroine's welcome. In fact, she did not think she deserved a welcome at all. So she came back to her homeland very early in the morning when no one could possibly be out waiting for her. Merida rode Angus to the forest where she practices her archery. She just wanted to be alone right now.
Damnit! She thought to herself. Stupid mutant gorilla! Stupid everything!
Merida fired her bow at a branch and the arrow it dead center.
Oh, who am I kidding? I really messed up. Some of my friends' choices would not have been so bad. But I just had to be stubborn to accept some of them.
She really did feel upset that she was too headstrong and impatient when Rapunzel, Elsa, and Hiccup had tried to help her. While she doubted there would be any hard feelings, she felt as if she should have left them on better terms.
Sadly, Eugene showing her the ropes ended in disaster as well. Just because one guy recognize
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Tales of Guardianship
Merida was pacing back and forth in the outskirts of Corona yanking her curly hair in frustration. Her footsteps leaving a small, yet visible, crater on the dirt road. To say Merida was upset was an understatement. She was in complete desperation now.
How? She thought to herself. My friends make it look SO easy. It just… clicks with all of them. And I'm getting left behind. Why can't I find something I'm good at?
Sensing his human's distress, Angus moved over to Merida for her to easily reach her bow and arrows. The archer decided to practice her aim a bit while she waited. And of course, archery calmed Merida down from her mental anguish as she entered a trance like state of pure bliss while the arrow escaped her fingertips.
Sadly, when she finished practicing, the concern came rushing back in. Maybe she should have stayed as Elsa's lady in waiting.
But what about the fact that Elsa's councilmen may have started looking for ways to ruin you? Her inner
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Tales of Espionage
Merida sat in a corner of a tavern pinching the top of her nose in frustration. Whether due to boredom, poison, or Vikings, Merida's prospects always seemed to end up almost killing someone. Sometimes even her damn self.
This is getting ridiculous! Merida thought. Is there ANYTHING that I'm good at? Is there SOMETHING that I can do for a living for the rest of my life and NOT go insane? Why is this so hard? All my friends found their life callings so easily.
Merida huffed in annoyance due to her stunt with dragon training. Everyone figured it would be best for Merida to leave unless they wanted to start a war between DunBroch and Berk. The princess almost decided to stay on Berk just to spite Astrid and start a stupid war. However, she decided against that since it would be awkward for the rest of their friends. "Hey peeps, I'm gonna flat out kill Hiccup and Astrid and they want to kill me all because we're at war. Whose side are you guys on? Tee hee!"
As Merida took
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Tales of Dragon Harassment
"So this is the seventh circle of Hell. This is the outer ring for idiots who dare pillage from people and defile property. I have never seen such a frightening place in my life. This whole area makes me sick to my stomach. I can never wish my worst enemies to be cursed with such damnation," Merida poetically droned.
"Hiccup, why are we helping her again?" Astrid asked.
"Because we are her friends… sadly. And that is what friends do," Hiccup deadpanned.
Viking hating Merida was currently in Berk. Truthfully, the village was no more dangerous to live in than any other place but Merida could not see that since she was too busy looking at everything through untrusting eyes. It did not help that Merida was getting more desperate to find something.
Getting help from Vikings? Dad is gonna ask me to turn in my bow.
Of course, Merida's views on dragons were not any higher. She grew up learning that dragons were mindless, fearsome beasts that razed villages, kidnapped dames, and
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Tales of A Queen's Apprentice
Two days after the dinner fiasco Merida found herself riding on her horse, Angus, from Corona to Arendelle. Merida was at least thankful that her mother did not require escorts for her. Or perhaps Elinor knew that Merida had selected cooking as one of her prospects and decided against bringing guards along lest they get food poisoning also. Either way, Merida was going solo.
Okay so maybe dinner makin' isn't for me. At least Anna and Elsa are not that far away.
Entering into Arendelle territory, Merida noticed that the kingdom was not exactly a large kingdom, but it seemed to be doing pretty well for itself.
"Not bad for a country that trades away a lot of fish, huh?" Merida asked to her horse. The horse spluttered either in agreement or apathy. Merida could not have guessed because she was busy focusing on getting to the castle.
Entering the town, Angus slowed to a walk to avoid running into anyone or anything. They passed a burly man riding a reindeer and both riders nodded
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Tales of Cooking
It had taken her mother some convincing, but Merida managed to get the queen's blessing to allow her friends to help her find a career choice. Elinor knew Merida's friends were trustworthy people, including those two damned Vikings, Merida associated with, who were an honest duo. The princess had her idea set up: She would ask her friends to show her the ropes of what they do and she would decide what would be best for her.
Rapunzel decided to be the first one to help the curly haired princess. After all, she felt that this entire mess was partially her fault. But it wasn't like she could have expected the little boys to throw axes at people. Merida was truly grateful that her friend decided to help her, but a few days after the trip to Elsa's ice palace, Rapunzel had becomekind of…. happily snippy.
"Uhh yeah," Merida stammered. "I appreciate your offer, but you don't have to if you don't want to."
"Oh I know I don't have to," Rapunzel weirdly smiled. "I'm just nice like that."
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Tales of the Want Ads
Somewhere in Castle DunBroch, three naughty princes running around their home like they giggled like the little miscreants they were. Elsewhere in the castle, their older sister with long, curly, red hair looked for them in frustration as her dress was practically covered in dirt. She grunted in anger: it was her duty as an older sister to look after her younger brothers, but they were not making it easy for her.
That's the last time I allow them to have my sweets for a year, Princess Merida thought.
It was just her rotten luck too. Her parents had decided to have a meeting about border patrol and Queen Elinor, bossy as she was, demanded that Merida babysit her triplet brothers for a few hours. The nanny was sick in bed because she'd had caught a cold following Queen Elsa's visit. Merida figured that it could not have been Elsa since it looked like she never even understood the concept of shivering. Jack said there was some guy in the nanny's room and they were 'treasure hunti
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Tales of Closure
After a week of deals, unwanted attention and madness, Elsa finally made it back home. And after a week of questioning friends, horrible night outs, and madness, Anna greeted her sister back home. They both hugged each other which lasted for a minute. Afterwards, they began the sisterly bonding of talking about what happened to them.
Anna told her sister about her conversations about booger eating, which Elsa thought was a weird question to ask, and about her disastrous double date with Rapunzel and Eugene. Fortunately for Anna's sake, Elsa was not completely mad at her though she still got a lecture about using weapons. Also their aunt and uncle were not going to hold Anna's assault on Eugene against them as they knew he could be a handful despite being almost 27.
Then again, they're in-laws. They might have found it funny that someone knocked out Eugene. Anna thought.
Elsa told her Anna about all the trade deals she managed to get, which Anna had forced herself to stay awake
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Tales of Facial Definition
"EEEK!" Elsa screamed. "I can't believe I'm riding on Toothless! God never meant for humans to go at such breakneck speed at a very high attitude!"
In reality, Toothless was walking along the ground very, VERY slowly. Partially because he sensed the Snow Queen's discomfort and partially because he didn't want Hiccup to berate him like he did when the dragon first met Astrid.
Hiccup was very calm despite the fact that a woman older than him was squeezing his arms in fear like a child to the point of pain. The fact that her hands were cold did not help matters.
"Don't worry, Elsa" Hiccup deadpanned. "It'll be over soon. Toothless stop trying to out walk that old lady with the cane. It's not race."
Both Hiccup and Jack had met up with Elsa back in Berk and they both decided to escort Elsa to DunBroch. Both boys knew the way to the kingdom in the highlands and Elsa could have always used the company. Jack was flying when he looked down and saw the reserved queen panicking as she left a tra
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Tales of Grudges
It was your normal night on the Corona-Arendelle border as a reindeer ran passed the scenery carrying a sleigh that held two people in it. One of the people was the very excited Anna. She could not have stopped bouncing around even if she tried and even when she almost fell out of the sleigh. The other person was a large mountain man that Anna proclaimed to be her boyfriend, Kristoff.
"Oh my gosh!" Anna squealed. "I'm so excited. Are you excited? This is my first double date. I get to have a double date like a normal girl. I always figured that I would have doubled with Elsa. But I don't think her pendulum swings that way…. or at all… Wait…"
She suddenly stopped her rambling. Kristoff wasn't as excited about this double date. For starters, the restaurant Anna and this Rapunzel girl selected was very high class and Kristoff was a humble ice picker. He could already feel the snobbish eyes staring down at him before he even walked through the door. But if this would m
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Book 3 will have romance and NO K and A friendship
Why there WON'T be less romance or a Korrasami friendship in Book 3.
So people have been claiming that's been both confirmed that will be less romance and a Korrasami friendship in Book 3. Ignoring the fact that we had to apparently wait over 20 episodes for the latter, I'm here to tell you that both claims are most likely false.
For the lack of romance confirmation, I scourge the seven Internets to find a decent source of the claim. The closest I seemed to have found was this link (1) And the following lines from said link:
There’s also continuing interest in whomever Korra is dating. Diane Pangilinan ‏@twinklelydy asked “do u have any plans for developing Korra’s love life?”
Konietzko: It seems to me that people are uninterested in that. They get completely angry when we have fun with the teen romance stuff. I don’t know. I’m going to leave that alone.
It may seem a little weird that people would be interested in a cartoon char
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