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Feel free to use in your journals.
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will use it on my id and journal thanks!
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Using in commission widget. Not to sell, but to notify customers! :D
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I know how to add this to my journal, but I've seen people use it in their deviant ID section... how do I do that?
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Scratch that... I didn't realize you still used the thumb to add it anywhere and every where :p I'm a dork v_v
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Using in my commissions box!
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Thank you very much!
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how can i do for use it?! :'( i'm not good :(
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You have to have a subscription to use stamps, and then you use the Thumb number up there to the right.
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how can i use it??thanks
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oh nevermind, i mean the western union stamps, i already have it thanks ^^ alreay read your commission rules...^^ i started mine and didnt knoe the pricing of pencil sketch^^...when i got my confidnce maybe i can make it in money^^
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Now that will be useful! :D
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thanks for this stamp! so usefull!
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i use it on my journal...thanks
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