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I want to give a thanks to all the bronies and pegisisters out there that enjoyed Epic Wub Time and the other animations that Rob, Andy and I have worked on.
We really appreciate all the praise you have given us, and everyone that helped us with Epic Wub Time was very pleased with the reception that it had.

We also want to thank anyone who not only supported us with kind words, but who also bought some of the merchandise at our store.
We make these videos so we can contribute to such an awesome community honoring such an amazing show, and having some of you help finance our work shows just how great and giving this community is.
A thank you to the person who gave me a premium membership here on deviant art, that was very kind of you.

We still have plans for a few pony animations that we can bring you in the future, and there's no doubt we'll come up with even more, but we'll be expanding from ponies a bit more to work on a few other things.
I'll still be uploading videos and animations now and then, and maybe even some pony shorts, but the next big pony video will be in a few months.
Once we have more of an idea of how we're coming along, we'll keep you updated on tumblr ( and twitter (!/alligatortub)

Most importantly, I have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at DHX and Top Draw Animation for not only creating such a brilliant show, but for also inspiring thousands of people to create art, music and animation of the things we love.
This show has already had a huge effect on my life, and in the hope that I will accomplish my dreams one day, I'll always look back remember how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic got me there.