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Nothing Out of the Ordinary

By nomokis
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Just a normal day in the life of Loki. Midgard is a peculiar place.

Cosplay by [link] and photography by [link]

Check out my Tumblr for more cosplay pictures! [link]
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did you make all your stuff yourself? if so, how did you make it. If not, who made it and where did you get it. pleeeeaaasssseee tell me because my family and I want to go to international comic con in San Diego and I want to cosplay.
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this is just funny I mean take away the helmet and the spear and she is the weird one (*points to random women *)
Dragonflysparkle's avatar
Kind of reminds me of this: [link]

Awesome work- you pull of Loki quite well!
nomokis's avatar
Hahah! Thanks! ^_^ I'm glad you like it!
TavariWolf's avatar
this is the best loki cosplay ive ever seen. i have to ask- did you make it?
Canned-Charisma's avatar
This is so adorable it's silly~

Your costume is absolutely amazing, you make a great Loki~
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Thank you so much! ^_^ You are too sweet!
Canned-Charisma's avatar
You're very welcome~! C:
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i swear i saw you in the movie theater for the midnight release in staten island....
nomokis's avatar
I wish this could be true. Alas, I was in Ohio for the premiere! >_<
Piffless's avatar
What did you use to make your helmet? : )
nomokis's avatar
The helmet is made out of PVC. As is the staff. :)
Piffless's avatar
Thanks :) I love your costume so much and it's inspired me to at least try to make one of my own.
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Lolol I love how that dude is probably like "OMG just keep walking... don't make eye contact.... D8" lol You are a great Loki!
nomokis's avatar
Haha! Yeah -- either people were staring right at me, or tried their best NOT to look at me. It was hilarious. ^_^
ellehcore's avatar
hahahaha so funny! I would have been like "how do i take sneaky photo to satisfy fanness but to not freak her out P:" haha
nomokis's avatar
Hah! A few people DID take my picture. It didn't creep me out in the least. :) I like making people smile.
ellehcore's avatar
Thats awesome! And yeah I get what you mean.Especially kids who are like *point* MUMMY MUMMY LOOK!! 8D haha
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Haha, this is awesome. Did people react to you when you were walking around like Loki? I wore my Loki outfit on the way home from the movies, and I just loved how people reacted.
nomokis's avatar
Yes! I had a lot of people stop me and ask what I was doing, and even a policeman seemed to be geeking out about me as he drove by. It made my day.
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Did they take your picture?
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To be fair, take away the helmet and spear and the person behind you is dressed weirder, to me at least =P
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Hahaha! Yeah, you'll get that downtown. It was funny how many people walked right by me like it was NORMAL to see someone in a helmet in Cincinnati. Lol!
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Well you never know, newcastle, the place i went to uni, you never know who you might meet on the metro xD
Seriously, one time i was heading home from uni and a dozen people painted blue and dressed as smurfs got on as i got off :O
And when returning from visiting my aunt who lives outside the city, a load of people in proper smurf costumes got on xD
heck, weekends in the centre looked more like a fancy dress party =P

Also, there could have been a convention going on nearby so people were used to it? :)
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