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Muziko for Rainmeter

                                                                                        DOWNLOAD HERE

My first skin in a long time. I hope you all enjoy it! Thank you very much to the guys over at the Rainmeter IRC, specifically Kaelri for making this possible. He developed the smooth progression formula (did you notice it?) and helped a ton with me being a failure at coding.

:bulletred:Middle clicking the circle will allow you to re-choose your player if you want too.
:bulletred:Please also note that "CAD" supports foobar, J. River Media, MusicBee, and VLC. "WLM" supports, Media Player Classic, OpenPandora, and Zune.

I hope you enjoy this skin! Please leave feedback, and if you have any questions, ask!
© 2012 - 2021 NomNuggetNom
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Como posso realizar o download? Sempre abre o adfly, já tentei de tudo e não segue o download

Anyone know a way to make muzico disappear when it's not being in use?

The play/pause and next/previous track buttons are too small

How can I download this?

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trying to download, but is wanting me to enable notifications for some random website :/

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download here, and i get a game commercial..... bye!

Hi! I am unable to link any music player to the player. Could you help?

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Fantastic, just what I was looking for. Thanks a million

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Buen día. El mismo problema que GuilhermeVanz me imagino por el tiempo y los cambios en Spotify hasta el 2019 han sido varios. Muziko update please 2019!

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Hi! Thanks for this amazing skin!
I'm using Spotify and had a problem with the name of the album, it just don't appear. The progress bar isn't functioning too.
Please help me guys La la la la 

progress bar dosen't work with spotify no mater the skin

Sorry, I have a problem with the progress bar: It doesn't move... Is there anyone who knows how to help me? pls
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Having the same problem
Could u add support for Google Music?
Can you add multi player support? Something along the lines of Cleartext? It supports any audio from my PC, from Chrome browser, to Spotify without having to change settings.
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how connect with spotify? because when i choose player nothing happens
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Choosing "WLM" to accommodate Zune player.  Artist, song and album display works fine, but the visualization stays solid white, blinks, and the controls (play, pause, etc.) do not respond/visualize properly.  Also, the newest VLC (for Windows 10 UWP) does not respond to a "CAD" setting.  And one last thing:  would like to possibly use Groove since Zune is old... which setting will respond to Groove?

Otherwise, works great with WMP.  Nice simple skin... want to continue using it rather than look further.
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I am just learning rainmaker.. I like this skin, my only thought is the placement of the play/pause ether needs to be a touch bigger or a little bit more spacing.. but it is nice and clean which makes me very happy
Great Job!
I have the problem with hiding skin after closing player. Skin seems to blink, i don't know how to fix it, because update timer seems to lag the player
I believe i fixed it; smthng like this will help

PerfMonCounter="ID Process"

Formula=mProcessPID > 0 ? 1 : 0
IfEqualAction=[!HideMeter Title][!HideMeter Artist][!HideMeter Album]
IfAboveAction=[!ShowMeter Title][!ShowMeter Artist][!ShowMeter Album]
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I cannot get it to work with musicbee... I set the player to CAD which I searched was for Musicbee but nothing happens. Any fix for this. I can't figure it out.
Do you have the CAD plugin enabled?
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