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Please note that prices have changed for 2021.

(( If you placed an order or reserved a slot in 2020, you still have last year's prices: 2020 Commission Prices ))

Worklist: trello.com/b/dOepDPCp/n84-comm…

First open slot is in 2021 June! ( Thank you so much for the support! ;; )

---Journal last updated on 2021. January 01. ---

These prices stand for personal use only!

For commercial work please contact me at nominee84@gmail.com

Current price list is valid until 31st December 2021.



$25 USD /character
/ + $25 USD for every additional character/
/ + $5-10 USD for detailed design or pet
/ + $15-20 USD for background

*little objects/props are free of charge*


Style A:

Girl power by nominee84

Style B:
Kalia and the cats by nominee84Nattasha and the kittens by nominee84   




Half body

  $40 USD /character
/ + $30 USD for every additional character/
/ +
background:  vertical: $30,  horizontal: $40


      Seagull problem by nominee84  Plotting by nominee84  Reunion by nominee84
Shopping at the bazaar by nominee84  Blue world by nominee84
Mhyon and Nym by nominee84

Full body

$45 USD /character
/ +$35 USD for every additional character /
/ + background:  vertical: $30,  horizontal: $40


Asim and Rime by nominee84 Takise by nominee84
Domiel by nominee84 Domeno by nominee84 The queen by nominee84

Custom character reference sheet

  $110+ USD

Type A: 1 flat colored full body (static pose) + 1 colored & shaded full body (dynamic pose) + a chibi OR a custom weapon

Type B: 1 flat colored full body (static pose) + same from the back + a colored & shaded waist-up OR 3 expressions (flat colored portraits) OR a custom weapon

Type C: mix and match from the above options and/or unique request (price depends on what you choose)

// style of layout & colors will change to fit the character

Type A, C & C

Shaaye by nominee84 Shien by nominee84Leviathan Valkyrie by nominee84

Clothing sheet

Base: $45 USD /character
Clothing: + $25 USD per outfit
/ Example: base +2 different outfits ( = 3 versions ) : 45+2x25= $95
+5 USD for every different hairdo
+40/45 USD for back view (half or full body)

// style of layout & colors will change to fit the character(s)


Clothing sheet for G + C by nominee84  Isabelle by nominee84

Difference between the sketchy and clean/detailed styles: Examples by nominee84





Waist up

  $60 USD /character
/ +$45 USD for every additional character /
/ +
background:  vertical: $40,  horizontal: $55


  Ansoklerr by nominee84   Scheming by nominee84  Lunch of the rivals by nominee84

Half - 3/4 body

  $70  USD /character
/ + $55  USD for every additional character /
/ +
background:  vertical: $40,  horizontal: $55


  Reading in the park... by nominee84  Ariel by nominee84
Padmea by nominee84

Full body

$80 USD /character
/ + $60 USD for every additional character /
/ + background:  vertical: $40,  horizontal: $55


Serni by nominee84 Night ride by nominee84 
Party at the Palace by nominee84 The discovery by nominee84
In the jungle of Anadja by nominee84 Imperial couple by nominee84  Meliran by nominee84

Detailed background

(as main theme of the picture or background only)

Vertical: $80+ USD
Horizontal: $120+ USD
Characters' prices: see above


Elzey and Shay by nominee84 Yesfir by nominee84
Home of Nattasha by nominee84 Home of Nattasha at winter by nominee84

Very detailed character design or background: + $10-50

Character using motorcycle / bicycle / car / etc: + $20-40

Animal/pet: + $10-60


These prices stand for personal use only! For commercial work, please contact me at nominee84@gmail.com

Personal use means that you can upload the smaller, watermarked version of the commission to your dA gallery, tumblr, twitter, facebook etc. (while crediting me), make header or icons of the picture for your personal accounts, or print it for yourself.  However, you can't resell or make money off of my work in any way!

Commercial use means making merchandise from the commission and/or use it to promote your project(s): book/artbook covers and illustrations, posters, postcards, keychains, bookmarks, acrylic standees, dakimakuras etc.; a promotional drawing for an event relating to your project or illustration for reaching a certain numbers of followers, pageviews etc. on your project's site; or editing the commission to advertise your project.

I reserve the right to upload these commissions and WIPs to my dA, facebook, twitter etc.
All payments must be made upfront. Refunds cannot be requested, sorry!

Please write your deviantArt username as subject when you pay via paypal, so I know who has paid!
I'll send you the 300dpi file by e-mail (or I'll upload it to sta.sh and then its link via note).

I'll draw:

- Original characters
- Animal features like ears, tails, wings, horns etc.
- Gay/lesbian/hetero content up to R16
- Fan art (from any manga/anime/comic series or games | except Marvel and Disney characters)

I won't draw:

- Furries
- Mecha
- R18/genitals
- Marvel and Disney characters

If you'd like me to draw something that's not on these lists, please ask me first, thank you!

How it works:

Please send me a note or email and include the following information:

• Commission type and quantity
• Number of characters you want me to draw and their references: drawings (preferred), photos (for e.g. clothing, hairdo etc.) and/or short description(s)
• Optional: pose/composition idea for the commission - if you have a specific idea in your mind. You can also leave these to me!

When I accept your commission, I'll send you my paypal address so you can send me the full payment. I'll send you an invoice too, made with a licensed invoicing program.
I'll start to work on your commission when you're the next on my list.

(( You can also just reserve a slot e.g. 1-2 months ahead and send the details/references later! c: ))

Regarding slots:

• All slots are first come, first served.
•  You can reserve the first available slot or choose a month freely (if that month still has open slots).
•  If you express your interest to commission me but don't reserve a slot within a week, then I can't guarantee that there will still be an open slot in your desired month.
•  If you're a new client and you don't answer my email/note/message (and/or send payment) within 2 weeks when it's your turn, then I assume that you lost interest and I will take your slot off and you'll have to re-apply for a new one.

I added these terms so that I can focus on my serious/returning clients and manage my time efficiently. Thank you for understanding.

About WIPs:

After receiving payment, I'll send you the detailed sketch of the commission. At this point, you can request some minor changes e.g. small additional details. Please note that huge modifications which involve drastic changes in poses/composition are not possible, so please order your commission with care!

If you order "CLEAN LINEART, DETAILED" style, I'll send you another WIP, when all flat colors are done, so you'll be able to check if they're okay like that. If not, you can request to change some colors e.g. making the character's shirt green instead of blue. Please note that flat base colors will change slightly after adding shading and effects; also, at this point the lineart is done as well, so I won't be able to change that, only the colors!

Thank you for understanding!

Copyright policy:

I will retain the copyright to the image itself, unless we make a deal in writing (contract with compensation), where we both explicitly agree on the transfer of the copyright to you.

For more details, please read this: Copyright policy

By ordering a commission from me, you agree to my terms.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! c:

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© 2011 - 2021 nominee84
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Revontulet1982's avatar

I hope all is going well Nom! Excited to see more of your lovely artwork! :)

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Oh hey~ ;D

Yes, thank you, hope you're okay too!

Aw thanks ^u^/

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Hey luv! Is this still open?

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Yes, it's open, but the first available slot is in 2021 March! Would that be okay with you? c:

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Hi! ~

Could I please reserve a slot for February too? >v<

It would be a personal commission and I'd send the form in December or January, depending on exam stress n__n

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Thank you for your interest! >w</

Of course you can! I added your slot on my trello and you can send me the form anytime! (and good luck with your exams! >o<b)

Thank you~~

Sternea's avatar

Thank you very much for reserving the slot!

I already look forward to February >3< (and thank you, I'll try my best! ^w^/)

Take care~

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You're welcome! c:

Aw thank you~ ^u^

Take care, you too!

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Would it be possible to reserve a slot for February? ;v;

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Thank you for your interest! >w</

Of course! Would you like a personal or commercial commission? c:

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A personal one : )

nominee84's avatar

Okay! I added your slot on my trello ^u^

Please send me the details [commission type, character(s) references, scene's description etc.] via note anytime it's okay for you!

Thanks again~ c:

zeres-exe's avatar

Thank you so much! <3

Would it be possible to send in the form in January?

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You're welcome!~

Sure, you can send it in January! c:

x-Cute-Kitty-x's avatar
Could you calculate, how much a SKETCHY fullbody, verticle background piece would be of my pretty boy here?:
nominee84's avatar
Hello! >w</
Oh sure! It'd be 40+25 = 65 USD (53,62 GBP)
//He's so cute in the animated icon! ;u;
x-Cute-Kitty-x's avatar
OH OH! I can afford that QuQ ima note you now sugar <3
+ Thank you Q/////Q I love he so much omg. xD
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Hey ! I wanted to ask, is it possible to commission for personal use then later pay what's needed to turn it into a commercial one? Since I really wanna commission you some chibis which would be for my sole enjoyment as of now, but if I get to finish my book maybe one day (in the distant future *coughs*) I could use them for keychains or such.
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Thank you for your interest! ^u^
I'll send you a note soon!
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Hello! I'm super interested in commissioning you and was wondering if I could note you a few inquiries? ^^

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Thank you for your interest! Sure thing, feel free to note me anytime! ^u^
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Aaaaa, May I reserve a slot as well?~ ouo
nominee84's avatar
Sure you can! >w</
Thank you for your interest! c:
I put your name on my trello~~
Oh and you can send me the details/references whenever it's okay for you ;D
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Thank you so much ! I'll hopefully send the details by tomorrow <33
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