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I'm staying on deviantArt, but if you don't, you can find me on the following sites:

- Twitter: uploading the same as on dA + other stuff ->
- Facebook: same as dA + comic updates ->
- Patreon: sneak peeks, wips, high-res, mature/queer content, extra info/content about my comics etc. ->
- Tapas: my comics only ->

To my clients: if you decide to leave dA, we can keep in touch either on the sites mentioned above or via email ( )!

About the big change coming to deviantArt on the 20th:

I'm a beta-tester so I knew about Eclipse since 2018. I even wrote a review regarding the changes, you can read it here: Review of Eclipse + suggestions
Since then, some of the issues I mentioned in that review have been solved or they're working on it, so the staff does listen to the users!

If you're mad about the changes and want to stop them, I have bad news for you: Eclipse will happen regardless of how you might feel about it.

I still think that some of the changes will be either too much for some people and/or need adjusting, but
a.) they can always tweak the site in the upcoming years,
b.) they won't scrap something that has been in the works for 2+ years now (and probably cost a fortune already)
c.) this site does need an update and we'll get used to it. Eventually.

I'm still using the old site, though xD
When the permanent switch happens, I'll use the green version (which is an added feature requested by many beta-testers!).

• Why can't they keep the old version too and let the users switch between the 2?

As I know it, it's because of either technical difficulties or that would cost too much, or both. (feel free to correct me if you know the exact reason!)

• Why won't I leave this site?

Amongst other reasons it's because dA still has options that other sites don't (or just partly) e.g.
- organized gallery with sub-folders and sub-sub-folders
- customizable profile (not just icon, header and pinned post)- yes, even Eclipse has more options than other sites!
- journal with easily formattable text/pictures
- private storing option (
- and I can view the deviations, journals, polls etc. of the people I watch anytime in orderly fashion until I delete them manually, instead of missing things in the infinite scrolling timeline.

After all, this site is still art focused, unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites with weird algorithms (that favours frequent updates -so quantity over quality- and limits how many of YOUR followers can see your stuff based on the popularity of your new post in the first hour - which I find totally unfair for the artist and manipulating for the followers...I mean, I don't want the site decide for me what I see and what not from the people I follow >_>; ), so the best choice for me is to keep this account updated!

• Don't like the new layout?

There's a style you can install ( made by Isi-Daddy ) to have a redesigned version of Eclipse:  Eclipse Redesign (16th May - No more blurry pics)
I'll try it out too!~

• Want to give feedback, report a bug or suggest a feature to the dA staff?

You can do it here:
The more people suggest the same feature/change, the bigger the chance that they'll do it! (I too sent them several suggestions, one for each theme I mentioned in my review journal)
So instead of making angry journals that they won't see anyway, I suggest to go to the feedback site and tell them what you don't like! Please keep the tone civil, though. xD

So all in all, let's give Eclipse a chance and if you don't like it after using it for a ~month*, you can always switch to another site later ;D

*You won't get used to a brand new layout in a few minutes, hours or even days, so please be patient! :>
(a little reminder for myself too haha)



and the winner is Booboopiggies !!
Congrats ;D

EDIT end

Kiriban prize:

 :check:  Sketching: done
:check:  Cleaning: done
:check: Coloring: done
:check: Shading/effects: done


Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]  It's that time again!! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 

You can win a drawing from me by catching the kiriban~


Asim and Rime by nominee84  EquipoisE by nominee84  Domeno by nominee84  Domiel by nominee84

How to:

When you see "400,004 pageviews" on my profile, take a screenshot and upload it to somewhere (e.g. to and send its link to me via note/comment.


— Watchers only, please (new watchers are always welcome! c: )
— Please note that the drawing will be made for personal use only.
— You can give me references of max 5 OCs and I'll choose the character(s)/scene to draw. (which can be either an illustration or a fullbody with a little background etc., it'll be a surprise!~)
— Since I have a lot of work to do, completing this drawing might take a while.

Please make sure that you're okay with these rules before you start to hunt! ;D

Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Good luck, guys! Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5]

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I look forward to meeting new Tapas friends too.