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Closed, thank you! ^u^

Hey everyone! c:

I haven't done this for a while soooo it's feature time again! /o/

If you'd like me to feature your and/or your friend's art in my journal, link 1-2 artwork(s) (per person) in a comment here~


- Watchers only but your friend doesn't have to be my watcher (new watchers are always welcome, though! <3 )
- You can link anything: traditional or digital art, literature, photo, design etc.
- Max 4 thumbs/links per comment please!
- I'll feature everyone who comments ^u^

Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

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Prophet and Oracle by IzabelleGD  Nostalgia by IzabelleGD  Ych 20 B by SajoPhoe  Pets #3 by SajoPhoe  Don't Fear the Reaper by BrookeVeil  Legacy by BrookeVeil  Kayla And Sorin by nyxhysteria13  Request-five---BrookeVeil by Tasuu-chan    G | Azrielyn by johdaa  SS - Naevis by Luna-Lunett  Rini Ravenprincess by Luna-Lunett Rashad Sketch by BuryTheMaid  A Blustery Day by BuryTheMaid  Passing By by Papaya-Whip  Gerudo Link by Papaya-Whip  IR | Sunset by Tsukisia  YCH | Kada-kism 2/2 by Tsukisia  Gods Of Elements by Gothie666  A Summer Swim by Gothie666


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So many great pictures! ^^
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Yes, lots of nice pieces!~ ^u^
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Thanks a good and nice idea ^-^ Here for mine.

Gods Of Elements by Gothie666 Pretty In The Darkness by Gothie666 A Summer Swim by Gothie666 Dreamy Office by Gothie666
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Added them! You're welcome~ ^u^
Gothie666's avatar
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Sure! I added them~ c:
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Thank you very much! <3
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You're welcome~ ;3
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Thank you so much! <3

Passing By by Papaya-Whip   Gerudo Link by Papaya-Whip
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You're welcome! c:
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I'd love for you to feature my friend BuryTheMaid <3

Moss Ref by BuryTheMaid Rashad Sketch by BuryTheMaid A Blustery Day by BuryTheMaid G-ELN579 Page Doll by BuryTheMaid

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I added your friend's works! ^u^
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Awesome, thank you!
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You're welcome! c:
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Ilu boo <3333333
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Thank you so much for doing this ♥
I would love to be featured, and if possible I would love if you could also feature my friend Luna-Lunett ; u ; 

My works :  Prize | Wystaria by johdaa   G | Azrielyn by johdaa
Luna's works :  SS - Naevis by Luna-Lunett   Rini Ravenprincess by Luna-Lunett

Thanks a lot !!
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You're welcome! >3</
Sure thing, added your lovely works! ^u^ :heart:
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Thank you for doing this <3

My stuff:
Don't Fear the Reaper by BrookeVeil   Legacy by BrookeVeil  

Other artists that I'd like to feature <3:
nyxhysteria13   Kayla And Sorin by nyxhysteria13  & Tasuu-chan  Request-five---BrookeVeil by Tasuu-chan   
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You're welcome~ :heart:

p.s. I love your hair color! *u*
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:blush: Thank you so much for the compliment~! I really enjoy the red hair despite it's tedious upkeep :') :heart: 
I'm totally obsessed with your art <3 One day when I'm not broke, I hope to be able to commission you :) 
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You're welcome!~ Haha I bet it's not easy xD   ( but it matches your complexion and eyes well >w<b )

Aw thank you and I'm glad you like my work! >3</ :heart:

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