Double game - Win points and Core membership!

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Hey guys!
I have 2 games for you! ;D

1. Main Game:

Thiefoworld has arranged an elf hunt and I'm taking part in this game! Full info here: Honey I lost the Elves!

Short version:

- Look for these rascals in e.g. deviations' comments: Elf by Thiefoworld  Elf by Thiefoworld  Elf by Thiefoworld

- Reply to these comments, to catch them!

- Find as many as you can to win: for every 50 elves you catch, you'll get 1 month Core membership or 400 points!

- Deadline: December 22nd


2. Side game:

I hid 14 elves in comments under my deviations. If you find all of them, the first letters of the titles put together will make a message~

The first person who cracks the code will receive 3 months Core membership from me!


- Catch them like in the main game.

- Followers only (this side game is for people who are already following me, so new followers can't play this time, sorry!)

- Deadline: December 22nd

Hint: you don't have to click All on the left 👀

We have a winner for the side game!

Congrats Jenndragon ! \o/


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Ah gosh, I was browsing your gallery the other day and I was wondering why you commented with an elf on one of your artworks aaahhh
now i know the truth, time to find all of those !!
Thanks a lot for the opportunity !
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Haha the truth is out! xDD
You're welcome!~