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How I draw head and face

By nominee84
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A quick tuto...hope you find it useful (?)..

More tutorials:…

tools: Wacom Intuos4 L and Photoshop CS
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May seem like an odd question but how do you go about your noses? I have trouble making them proportionate to the face and not too point/rounded any tips?
nominee84's avatar
Well.........I'm drawing noses differently now..xD;;;;;
//I really need to redraw this tutorial haha |D

Um, I can't really say how I do it as I've drawn so many faces in the last years that it kinda just comes without thinking OTL

I'd recommend browsing for some tutorials about nose proportions/shapes here:…

Or typing "face proportions" or "nose proportions" to google, to have hundreds of results with more helpful infos than mine |||D
wigglebees's avatar
ty for making this tutorial it really helped!!! not sure i'll me able to do it agein but... PRACTICE
nominee84's avatar
Glad you found it helpful!
mate888's avatar
Oh my God this is exactly what I was looking for!
AlchemyFox's avatar
This is just what I needed, very helpful! :)
ReadLikeMad's avatar
Omygod this is EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR BECAUSE I SUCK AT EVERYTHING ART XD Thank you so much, all your tutorials are AMAZING :D
nominee84's avatar
Glad you find them useful c:
XDemiseEmoGirlX's avatar
wow nice hair XD!!! :+fav:
sora-jimonitos's avatar
Awesome, so helpful!
This helped so much!!!! I just drew the BEST face I've EVER drawn!!!!!! When I draw faces I always start with a circle. I never thought to start with an oval, but I will definitely be doing it from now on.
nominee84's avatar
I'm glad it helped c:
CircusMonster21's avatar
You make it look god damned easy >///<
I guess I should just practice alot...
MissingZi's avatar
;-; Thank you for make this! |D i been having problems with my heads eue this most help fullest thing ever! [link]
nominee84's avatar
glad to hear it helped c:
69dragonz's avatar
love the way u do the eyes and thanks for showing.....
Myamaj's avatar
Thanks for this good tutorial !
AnnaValtieri's avatar
This is extremely helpful, thank you so much for sharing this! ^_^

And I love the guy's expression, he looks awesome. :D
BritishBear's avatar
I hope you don't mind, btu I used this. I'll delete it right away if it bothers you though. A very nice tutorial, thank you! >w<
nominee84's avatar
that's okay c:
glad you found it useful~
cronos93b's avatar
thank you for your tuto
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