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Ever get a flu shot and think 'now I'm as dead as I feel'? XD
Anyone ready for college to pick back up again? Yeah, me neither, better get those Ramen stockpiles built up.

Is it too late to switch majors? XD
Gift: Pretty in Purple
Here's a late birthday gift for :iconxxpfgxxgamingaj:, I hope she didn't mind the delay. Still it was good to get back to drawing after a while. 

PFG © 
The Amazing World of Gumball © Cartoon Network & Ben Bocquelet
The Dragonslayer
Since I treated some of my other characters to the medieval look, I figured I should give scruffy a chance to look the part as well.

Anyways, Randal is part of a tribe in the mountains. The inhospitable region is called the Dragon's Maw for good reason and they are not too friendly to any outsiders no matter their intention, especially those hailing from Frostfall.

The Dragonslayer © me
Here's an interesting tag that :iconneonimbus526: told me to do so here it goes. Leave your comments and I'll answer.

If you almost ran over me with your car I would..

()Scream at you
()Laugh at you
()Give you the finger
()Keep walking

If you came into my room in the middle of the night and stood watching me sleep I would..

()Stare back until you're uncomfortable
()Slowly get up and start humming the Harry Potter theme song, walking towards you.
()Punch your lights out ;')
()Push you out the window and watch you fall to your death

If we went to the movies I would...

()Constantly ask questions about the movie
()Buy you a drink and popcorn
()Attempt to hold your hand
()Dig my nails into your arm during the jump scares
()Use my straw and straw wrapper and shoot spitballs at you

If you tried to kiss me I'd..

()Pull away
()Punch you
()Turn red
()Let you
()It's never gonna happen >:L

If I'd date you:

()Hell Yes

To me you are: 

()Pretty much siblings
()Mutual Friends
()Pretty much BF/GF

You should:

()Date me
()Talk to me
()Hang out more
()Give me your Discord
()Post this so I can comment
  • Listening to: Visions (Eagles)
  • Reading: Core Questions in Philosophy
  • Watching: Half in the Bag
  • Playing: Stellaris
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Water


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