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Woven Corset Bodice Tutorial

By nolwen
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So this is my first tutorial ever!
It was made for :iconmarcusstratus: because he asked me ages ago and I took forever and forgot and then he reminded me and was ever so patient. I hope this helps and answers your questions. If it does not and is totally confusing please let me know and I will fix it.

I hope others can get use out of it as well. And who knows, if it teaches anyone anything, I may even make some more in the future.

So please tell me what you think, and what needs fixing (other then typos and spelling)

Yeah, I need sleep. maybe will edit in the morning....

.... zzzzz
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This is phenomenal! Our product photographer is a cosplayer, I am definitely going to pass this along to them as I am sure they will appreciate it.
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Cool, thanks so much!
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you've given me ideas....... WAAA??? plz 
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very beautiful ^^ you've done very well 
Mair-Gra-Fhidil's avatar
Amazing! Thank you! (And you did explain it very well, btw) :)
LookingManyStars's avatar
Beautyful work and usefull tutorial :-) thanks!
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we want a video *-* ahahah very beautiful!
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this is awesome
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Wow. Very creative and incredibly well done...
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Great tutorial, thank you for making it :iconflowerthnxplz:
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this is so cool. when, and if, i finish my other cosplay i might try it!
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Both turned out great! For the silk top at the bottom, how did you do the closure? Are there hooks or a zipper going down the back?
Mines-of-Moria's avatar
It is completely lovely but im confused on where exactly you sew when your overlapping. so if you could try to clear that up for me, I'd be very grateful..
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You sew the very bottom edge of the strip so that the strip below overlaps the seam. I hope that makes sense.
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This is really cool :D
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this is a fantastic tutorial!! thank you very much for sharing!!
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This looks really nice :D
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This looks great, thanks for the tutorial!
SammieGirl1980's avatar
Totally trying this out soon.
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Don't apologize! It is awesome! :D I will definitely use this one and show you my results!
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this might be useful in the future :)
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Wow, this looks awesome! Definitely going to try this! (8
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Any ideas on making something similar with a lower neckline? I have a seriously sensitive gag reflex...I can't even wear a necklace.....
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