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Thanks to ~pisho for some resources and thanks to *imrik for some great tips :)
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how do i get this visual style
could i please get this wallpaper off you :) ?
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Awesome desk!
Any chance I could get a link to the folder icons and theme?
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Feautured Apple-Art
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can you share the wallpaper?
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The wall man lnk it
9-CrIsTiAn-9's avatar
Can i get the wall, this looks marvelous .. :D
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:+fav: what Name Of Wallpaper? Is Perfect !
hi can i just ask how u did the thing with the date and time as well as the itunes song ur playing?
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I used geektool for it, just use google to search for the commands, I've lost them...
Hi, can you help? Everytime I press Download it just brings me to a screenshot :(
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Sorry man, but this is only a screenshot :p what else did you expect :)?
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awesome shot.

just want to know the font used in time/date
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thanks. for the font go here [link] :)
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Menüleiste ist der Überflieger! Warum machst du keine Magnifique-Themes?
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... weil solche menubars speziell auf eine Desktopgröße zugeschnitten sind, und der Rest ist ein Mix aus mehreren Themes ;)
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clock and cpu meter program name pls ?
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I did this with geektool ;)
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awesome shot!!
Amazing shot and mods! The menubar is sexy x]

May I ask how you did that time/date and also computer stats to appear on your desktop? Just bought a Mac so I'm pretty new :)
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sorry for the late reply...
all this things are done by geektool, just use google to find the scripts for it, you will find a lot :)
fantastic shot man!
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Kinda curious to see how you did this. Just bought my first mac today, after all. :)
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